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  • Bad colors. Not like in Vivaldi. Youtube isn't red, for example.
  • It does not work in Quantum. It overwrites my Personas theme with an aweful, random colour and does nothing for tabs. Useless, unfortunately. This was my favourite add-on prior to Quantum but is now nothing. Such a shame.
  • Quantum is horrible. It's like they deleted the fun stuff and and replaced it with... nothing. Even the bookmarks are inconvenient to use. I've been using Edge on my new laptop. It's better than this mess.
  • people still don't want to understand that at the time it's IMPOSSIBLE to color all the tabs through an extension as it used to be before quantum. maybe it never will.

    blame mozilla for this... personally i'm sticking to 52.x ESR, stuff this quantum crap.
  • I like using "ColorfulTabs because each tab that's open has a different color. You can change the color of any tabs,
    that are open, to a color you prefer. And if you have tabs for the same site, different pages, it will show a fading of different colors that the first page of that site has.
  • A once great extension, like MANY others, laid to waste by Mozilla with their lame implementation of the incomplete Quantum with most APIs unavailable to addon devs.
  • Aspect agréable; facile à mettre en place
  • Doesn't work as shown in the extension page screen shot. Only the selected tab is colored randomly. The bookmarks and address bar rows are also colored with the same random color.
  • Still not working properly.
  • Not working at all properly in Quantum Firefox 58. It was GREAT in pre Quantum Firefox. I loved how it gave different colors to different tabs, because with this simple feature, I could much more easily see, & manage, working with lots of multiple open tabs.

    In Quantum 58, it doesn't work that way at all. It just creates a weird color spread collage, which all tabs get uniformly. It sits there, and does that & nothing else. The homepage to alter settings is confusing, and doesn't seem to help at all. In the old preQuantum version, it would simply give a different pleasant color to each tab top header, so it was easy to find different tabs, and organize them. This version is totally different, and careless and distracting, unsettling, and dreary. I've disabled this, because it is nothing like the old ColorfulTabs in preQuantum Firefox. If it gets fixed, and works like it used to, I'll be happy to enable it & use it all the time. But this version, no, it creates more visual clutter, rather than organizing my tabs properly, so it does the OPPOSITE of what I'm looking for.
  • I want to remove this from Firefox & can't find where to do it.
  • Tabs were colored last year. Do that again please.
  • Colorfull tabs latest update wipes out any attempt to use a theme. If you like a plain white theme i guess that's not too bad. Very disappointing to me though as I like color in my themes. I've used ColorFull Tabs for DECADES without a problem. Until now. A real shame I've had to delete it. I liked it when it worked.
  • Ich liebe ColorfulTabs wegen den schönen Farben und weil man damit die einzelnen Tabs gut unterscheiden kann.
  • Ne fonctionne plus avec Firefox 58 Dommage
  • The Colorfultabs is terrible. I does NOT work like the old Colorfultabs. It colors the whole top of the page instead of just the tabs. Also they just change the color of everything with every other tab. I am so disappointed. I never asked for Firefox Quantum. My first impression? I HATE IT!
  • Sucks, only adds a color to the current open tab, and no other tab. Not what it once was!
  • This is a sorry replacement for the beautiful original colorful tabs. I am uninstalling it. It is so very ugly.
  • I had all the good will of the world to love this addon, BUT... it doesn't even get 2 km away from the genius of the original ColorfulTabs.

    Most irritating problem is that every tab changes also the main theme of the browser to the tab's color, making difficult to read out menus etc, and undoing theme selection.

    Sorry, but, so far, it SUCKS.
  • good!