652 Bewertungen
  • Спасибо, отлично работает.
    Также спасибо за поддержку Tree style tabs.
  • Best session manager, but an important feature is lacking:
    the ability to start Firefox with a specific saved session.
  • It would be perfect if it stores not only the state of tabs but their history too
  • Tab Session Manager is everything I expect from it. But:
    I have chosen 'Restore previous session at startup'. On the other hand, I frequently use Firefox feature 'Send a tab from Firefox on Android to other device'. That means, I share and send many URLs from my Phone's Firefox to my Desktop's Firefox, while my PC is shutdown. Whenever I open Firefox on my desktop, the browser receives and opens those in new tabs.
    Here's the catch: these shared tabs are opened at the startup, before Tab Session Manger restores my previous session and when it restores the session, it completely wipes the received shared URLs' tabs. If developers find a solution for this annoying behavior, it would be great.
  • Loses saved sessions EVERY SINGLE TIME the browser or the extension updates itself.
  • All of my sessions got deleted after a Firefox update. Lots of work now gone.
  • Super flexible, a must-have.
  • Does not restore well file://... URLs it restores only a page where the URL is present, then if I cut and paste it, it works, but... Annoying
  • Awesome!
  • Very good at saving tab states, even in disastrous scenarios. However, it does not play well with "Tiled Tab Groups". While Firefox's default session save function (in the rare scenarios in which it actually functions properly) will restore with the tab groups intact, Tab Session Manager will destroy the group states, and loads them all in a single group. I'd suggest then that it simply doesn't seem to respect hidden tab statuses? That said, still the best we've got in Quantum by a mile so far.
  • After a year or so of not using this extension, I was very pleasantly surprised when I installed it again today. It seems a lot more stable than what I was used to.
    As a Tree Style Tab user, I highly recommend this extension.

    Edit: The latest update has a much clearer layout which can be opened in a separate tab. Very useful.
  • How to export sessions outside Firefox? Thanks!
  • Thanks for pointing out the Firefox bug that prevents add-ons from running by incorrectly flagging them. I love the Tab Session Manager. I rock 4 windows with ~20 tabs on each at any given time. Thanks a mill!

    What I wrote previously (ignore):
    "Please get your add-on signed, it has been removed from Firefox's list of approved add-ons and thereby inactivated on my computer. I'd give 5 stars otherwise."
    It is a bug of Firefox. See https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/add-ons-disabled-or-fail-to-install-firefox