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  • Hasn't worked on my laptop in over a year. Works fine on my desktop. Both machines have the exact same settings and apps. Only gave it the second star because it works on the desktop.
  • Great addon. One option I would like to see is possibility to be asked if previous session should be restored, like in good old Tab Mix Plus. Currently there is option to restore previous session on startup, without asking.
  • Works great! Would love the option to merge windows when restoring sessions =)
  • Unfortunately the latest version seems to be broken; it doesn't list saved sessions in the drop-down (though they do seem to be saved and can be seen in the JSON file if you export the saved sessions). 😕

    This is a fairly good session-management extension for Firefox; it is pretty much the equivalent of the Chromium extension Session Buddy.
  • Till Now, I had no problems, but today, 13 July 2019, this extension seems to have some problems with syncronisation of SOME tabs. Indeed, some of my tabs cannot be loaded and I cannot see what was in these tabs since they are empty now. Please correct these bugs, maybe due to a Firefox update. Thanks in advance. Eric from France.
  • Good extension but it's not totally a session manager since it does not save the history of each tabs.
  • Hi, I had an indexDB failure [after updating to FF 68], tried the Github 'Internal UUID copy-paste folder trick', didn't work; seems TSM's own json got corrupted, so I lost alll my sessions.
    Please would you consider using eg Bookmarks [like MySessions] instead of indexDB that is so prone to corruptions?
    Other than that, great addon, thanks.
  • Dobry dodatek. Brakuje tylko jakiejś synchronizacji między komputerami. Wtedy niewątpliwie 5.
  • Firefox seems to be silently crashed, profile resetted to default view, but all plugins was on it's places. Several addons (including this) was lost their data.. so.. all backups was lost too.
  • Supernützliches Addon.
    HINWEIS: Wenn das Addon nicht funktioniert, wenn es nicht speichert:
    Geht in die EInstellungen des Addons (über ADDON) und löscht alle Sitzungen. Danach funktioniert es wieder.

    NOTE: If Addon not works or not Save Sessions:
    Go to Settings of Addon (over Firefox ADDON Menu) and delete old Session Manger Sessions. After this, Addon works normaly