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  • I do like the new design and it has some interesting features. Opening in new tab is useful. Opening in new tab and saving current tab only is also very good.

    I would like an option to not pre-select previously saved session by default though.
  • Not bad. But there are nuances and shortcomings. I wrote an email to the author about 10 times. The author stupidly ignores the mail .. A pity
  • Amazing Session Manager. Kudos for your hard work.
  • Update review for v5.0: This new 2 column thing is horrible. I can only see about half an inch of the new second/right column which means I cannot restore ANY sessions! I've tried right clicking and resizing the window and even increased the width of the drop down in it's settings and nothing works. I have over 20 tabs that I need to work on and I have NO WAY to restore them.

    This tweak is 100% broken at the moment. I strongly recommend you to look for an alternative that can restore sessions. What a shame.
  • Was loving it until this last change in display format (9/2019), which makes finding and selecting the session I want tedious and slow. Roll back the latest change, please!!! (Now looking for a replacement, BTW.)
  • UPDATE 2019-09-12: There has been an added Trash button to the Side Bar. AND you can change more of the size. THANK YOU for listening to us. Also, screw the haters and complainers.

    I love this add on. However, I am not a huge fan of the changes. Specifically the size, and the fact the list and the delete button are on the opposite sides. I wish you would put another delete button in the list. I usually delete my saves ever few hours. Also, I only JUST recently donated. If you could have a way for the system to recognize it, so it would stop asking. You've worked super hard on this, and I appreciate it. I'm not looking for extras, for donating. Just a way to turn off the message. Thank You.
  • Overall a great addon. The latest update needs a fix though. When you have the TSM icon in the overflow menu, the popup doesn't show the entirety of the interface and thus becomes unusable. You have to have the icon outside of the overflow menu for the current version to work. I'd love it if this bug could be fixed ASAP.
  • Thanks for all the effort you've put into this! Though, in my opinion, some minor option is still missing. I think it'd be great if sessions (especially those saved manually) could be automatically uploaded into a cloud space, etc. so that they are synced. This way one wouldn't worry losing them either.

    PS: Thanks for the fix. Just upgraded to 4 stars. Still waiting for the feature mentioned above to upgrade it to a 5-star.
    Thanks again for the great job.
  • your new update freaked me out. To get to my saved sessions I usually just click on the icon and it creates a mini popup.

    This time I click and it just showed up as a popup that looked like I needed to full screen but couldn't.

    You need to have it so that users of the new version (5.0) automatically have the "open in new tab" button clicked yes.

    It took me several minutes to figure that out and I thought I had lost all of my work because I restarted my computer for a Windows update and I couldn't click or see the part of the popup that allowed me to restore my previous session.

    Thank you soooo much for the unneeded heart attack.
  • NEW FIX in 5.1 !!! Addressed my main issue...THANKS :)

    New "update" is a downgrade...used to be compact pop-up and had delete button right above timestamp for easy deletion of unwanted saved session.

    Now it's a 3 stroke process in a window 3 times larger than before.

    At least add an option in settings that allows one to pick that previous layout too if we prefer it...and we do !!!

    Or give us a link to go back to 4.5.2 vs. 5.Oh-no Thanks
  • Used to lave this add-on, but the layout appears to be a mess after the latest update.
  • Je viens de predre tous mes onglets : la liste de Tab session manager est vide...

    Cette extension est bien... quand elle fonctionne. Puis quand on lui fait confiance depuis trop longtemps, on ne se méfie plus et elle nous trahit en supprimant tous nos onglets : plus de 80 onglets perdus ! Je suis anéanti :(
  • This is probably my favourite add-on. I organise my browsing using this rather than bookmarks (mostly).
    The reason I haven't awarded 5-stars though is that I remember its predecessor, and the feature I really miss that that possessed was AUTOMATIC save to the SAME named session. (This would also reduce the vast propagation of sessions, at least for me)
    I wonder if some unique identifier could be assigned to a session, and, if the user has chosen to "yes" a hypothetical "automatic overwrite/replace" setting, then, instead of saving to a new session it simply overwrites the old, therefore retaining the old name .... ?
    I'd love to see such a feature added.
  • It would be great if it have save button with 3rd option "save current window WITHOUT hidden tabs".
  • The best session manager! Everything what's needed!

    Regarding bugs and session db losses during FFox updates - this is FFox bug, not the addon's. The only cure is - make backups of sessions and addon settings (via export), also is good to switch to manual FFox update and backuping whole profile before update.