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  • Best addon for Facebook
  • very very nice
    i do not like to be distracted
    nor being annoyed
    so i love this great extension
  • Works great, doesn't completely overhaul Facebook but cleans it up quite dramatically. Think of adblock but rather than blocking ads it just blocks all the useless s**t on Facebook (which is about 70% of the page) :)
  • THANK YOU! It was easy to remove all the posts containing the words "Tag" or "When". Easy AF, thank you so much!!
  • Settings don't stick. They all default to the defaults every time it loads. I spent 15 minutes going over everything and even exported the settings, and now they won't stick, even if I import them.
    If your settings don't stick, you might have a problem with your browser profile, or some other software that is clearing your extension storage. This is not an extension problem, otherwise the other 300k+ users would all be complaining.
    Problems like this are what the support group is for: http://SocialFixer.com/support/
    I would appreciate this problem going there instead of being posted as a 1-star review here. Thanks!
  • Fixes some major annoyances with Facebook. Great add-on!
  • FB is becoming increasingly annoying, but thanks to Matt and his most excellent Social Fixer, FB is tolerable once again. Great job all around.
  • Fix Post Timestamps unfortunately it does not work anymore. Please fix this error by an update. Thank you in advance.
  • I could not stand to use Facebook any more without Social Fixer! It's a fantastic little add-on program that allows one to highly customize what one sees on FB. Not intrusive, yet very effective. It allows me to hide most of the annoying parts of FB. And it's FREE! (We send the occassional donation to the developer though!) Highly recommend Social Fixer!
  • Knocked Facebook's incredibly annoying "People You May Know" on the head straight off!!!