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  • should have a better look...
  • Making Facebook better.
  • This ext is just great
  • I love this app. I can't do without it! I love how I can hover the mouse over the notifications and not have to click on the link. I love how it enlarges a photo without clicking on it. I love how it tells you who has unfriendly you. I love how it enlarges the screen and how the background can be made another color other than the blinding white. I really love how the new feature has eliminated the way FB changed the comment box. It was so frustrating not being able to separate paragraphs with the enter key without the comment posting. And, unless you already have an unbearably slow computer, this app DOES NOT slow down your computer. Thanks for making Facebook better.
  • incredibly slows down facebook.
    A few users report slowdown, but it is almost always caused by something other than BFB.
    There is an extensive FAQ entry about this:
  • There are so many things about Facebook that we can't control, but this add-on takes advantage of most of the things that the user can control. The interface is pretty clunky but after you page through all the various preferences, you'll find that your overall facebook experience is vastly improved. I think the stand-out feature is being able to "mark as read" or hide posts is the most useful for me. For those who play Zynga games, this feature will make it easier to collect rewards. And for those of you who don't, there are simple features that allow you to block those types of posts.

    You can really dive deep into the preferences but for those of us who want to disable the "return" feature when posting, this works quite well. What's keeping this review from being 5 stars is the clunky interface: it's pretty overwhelming at first glance. Most of my other issues have more to do with Facebook. I would also love to have a "sync" function that would allow my preferences, read posts, etc. to carry over to other computers. I have no idea how this would work and I imagine it would be a huge undertaking, but how cool would that be?!
  • Great, needs a better UI. Thanks!
  • love it
  • Love it! Completely personalizes Facebook to me! An amazing undertaking! One suggestion -- add a "box of insert-able smilies" whenever the chat window opens. That would be the cherry on top for me.
  • i don't know what you did...but the change from 5.6 to 5.601 fixed the lock up issue. great job! facebook is completely unbearable without this program.
  • everyone who sees my computer running facebook asks me where I got this. I love it and recommend it to every fb user. truly amazing.
    As a daily facebook user, it seems the more they change the more I grow a hatred for it. I added "better facebook" and indeed it made facebook better! :) I LOVE it. I wanted the developer to know how well his add on is so much, i created an account just so i could write a review. I normally don't do that.
    Thanks for re-inventing facebook! 5 stars all the way
  • I've been using Better Face Book for about a year, and it truly makes Facebook bearable. I can filter all my games easily, change font size, add a theme, get rid of that dumb lightbox feature, see who unfriends me.... etc. Great support, too! The developer is always there to answer any questions or to deal with issues that come up. Regularly updated to keep up with Facebook's goofiness. I highly recommend this add-on to anyone who uses Facebook. :o)
  • Can you make an add-on just to disable the facebook lightbox thing. It would be much appreciated. TIA
  • This is awesome!! Another thing, maybe it would also look great if we can change the fonts.. :)
  • This is an excellent extension although there is room for improvement. For example, just like it has tabs at the top by application, it would be great if there could be a left bar giving us a choice to view postings by "Friend Category". Facebook used to have that feature but took it away.

    Also, many features of this extension may not work with the "New Profile". Facebook is transitioning everyone into that in a few days.

  • It's amazing how many annoyances in Facebook this plugin eliminates. I really appreciate the fact now that I just upgraded to a new version, and it seems to be broken, throwing me back into the Worse Facebook! I installed the beta in Firefox 4.0b7 and that's when I lost it. I then installed BF 4.5, but it's still missing. [sniff, sniff]
  • Ok, a correction to my previous review. If you are juggling with multiple facebook tabs, always refresh the current tab, before modifying the options. Finally re-installed the addon, couldn't find an alternative.
  • i noticed a couple of dodgy things about this extension.

    1) the license this extension is released under, is the mozilla public license, though some of the internal scripts (the GM API enabling scripts) are actually licensed as GPL, the GPL license requires that any software released containing GPL licensed code should also be released under the GPL license.

    2) the extension has been created with Arantius' Greasemonkey script compiler, which automatically adds in Arantius as a contributor to the extension's "About" dialog box, this credit has been stripped out by the extensions developer, which i find a bit of a shady practice... credit, where credit is due, i always say.
    Do these two points really justify a 2-star review?

    1) I don't even know about this. What GM API enabling scripts? I just picked a license that seemed most open. I don't really understand all the implications of GPL.

    2) I used the compiler originally to create the files, but found that it had problems. So I had to modify the outputted source. I don't recall ever intentionally removing anything that gave the author credit.

    This add-on is generated automatically via a packaging script that also creates a chrome extension, safari extension, greasemonkey script, opera script, etc. If some things were missed out, they were certainly not intentional. I'm just one guy creating all this, so it's very difficult for me to keep it all straight.
  • Works well for the start page, not for all other facebook pages, but it is overall very helpful for getting a better view on all facebook activities and lets you hide unimportant or read items.
    The only problem is that especially tabbing uses up too many resources on my netbook hardware: Firefox uses up even more of my limited memory and slows down significantly. I have to disable it when I want to do some more but facebook...
  • Then I found this add-on and it does that and so much more. Probably a lot of overkill for me but who knows.

  • I actually use the greasemonkey addon for this tool... but whether u use this add on or another one, this tool is a MUST HAVE for people that use facebook... i could never go back to facebook without it... kudos matt.. keep up the good work...
  • NICE !!!
  • I actually love this add-on. I have one MAJOR gripe, though, which made me completely uninstall this add-on. Every time you get an update, it COMPLETELY resets all the settings you had before the update. You're forced to look through a bunch of settings that you've already deselected or selected which are now opposite of before.

    This gets really annoying as the add-on is updated every month of so. I no longer use this because it's so annoying. If they fix this so that you can keep your settings between updates, however, I'll re-add it in a heartbeat.
    Options getting reset on update of the script is NOT typical behavior. In fact, I've never seen this happen with any other user.
    The only exception is that one of the most recent releases had to reset preferences because of major changes in the storage mechanism. Other than that, upgrades have always maintained preferences.
    I would like to know more about this user's experience so I can perhaps fix it.
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