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  • I would have left Facebook if it weren't for SocialFixer. This version is a breeze to use.

    I am able to select areas of my timeline that I don't wish to see, that alone makes it something I want to use.

    Another feature I rely on is the ability to mark posts as "read" so they don't appear again to clutter up my news feed.

    I can also hide my friends to maintain their privacy and add all types of filters to help me maintain an even cleaner news feed.

    Matt and his team have given us a real gem of and add-on.
  • Matt Kruse and team have restored the functionality Social Fixer used to have on Firefox, and more. Filters are robust and effective. The visual elements that Social Fixer adds to Firefox are unobtrusive. Comes with pre-written filters to remove some current topics you may be tired of seeing in your feed.
  • Palemoon suggests Social Fixer to be used instead of using FB Purity. It's listed as a workaround. However, after installing it, there were several error messages. I like SF and hope there is a way to get it to work.
    I hope you will revise or remove your review - the version hosted here is old and the new version is under review right now (it has been waiting over a month). It will work fine. Until then, visit SocialFixer.com to download the GreaseMonkey version, which should work fine.
  • was afraid I'd be out of luck on firefox, but you can just google his site for the up-to-date greasemonkey version

    not only that, the export and import from chrome was a cinch
  • Do you test Social Fixer with Firefor ESR? The latest version is 31.6.0.

    I know that I have to download SocialFixer from your site, no problem with that.
  • Sorry, didn't know about the FF approval issue.
    Mozilla won't approve the latest versions, because Social Fixer does things to take control of Facebook that they don't approve of. The current version at SocialFixer.com works just fine on FF32. Please install from there. And please don't leave 1-star reviews. :(
  • This is a wonderful addon that makes Facebook tolerable to use! It manages to fix a lot of what makes FB annoying, and has great customisability but is still easy to use. Any issues or bugs are quickly resolved and the developer works hard to stay on top of any new code changes in Facebook. Thanks for a great addon!
  • I'm pretty happy with the add-on, it does what it is supposed to do nicely, but there is one issue which I consider a bug.When it's enabled it alters the ctrl-click behaviour and any link that I ctrl-click are not opened in a new tab, as they should be, but in the same tab. If I disable Social Fixer, ctrl-click goes back to its normal behaviour.

    Edit: Changing the rating to 5*, because I figured out the root cause of the issue. It only happens for the Facebook Home links and depends only on the "Fix navigation on the upper left logo and "News Feed" links to go to /" option. When enabled it breaks the ctrl-click, so I have disabled it for now, but it would be nice to have this bug fixed.
  • I love how it organizes everything in a more logical manner. Very easy to use that the installation steps are very clear. I hope Matt and the Firefox team can get things worked out soon to get the most current version available through this site rather than just through Matt's site.
  • Been using this extension since it was "Better Facebook"...version 5.X...
    Love being able to make Zuckerbook my Facebook...
    The developer (Matt) has been super keeping up with the "improvements" made by the ADD inflicted developers at FB.
    Remember: this is NOT Matt's full-time job - he does it on the side and relies on donations only...consider throwing a few cyber-bucks his way!!
  • With the many changes in underlying code of Facebook, the author and his volunteers have done an exemplary job of keeping up. I run it on Chrome and Firefox. To date have not have any problems. And it sure does help make Facebook more manageable. There is a Facebook Group/Page to get help. Find the links on the Author's WebPage and/or Blog.
  • I used Social Fixer previously with no problems. Then tried installing it on 2 XP computers with no luck. Just get the "[JavaScript Application] Syntax Error" pop-up. The chrome version on Win7 shows up, but some features aren't working.
  • SocialFixer does everything it claims to do and more. Until you learn the complete configurability of this add-on I suggest that during the setup process you choose the pre-defined, most common configuration settings that the Author sets up for you.

    Having the ability to change the look and feel of Facebook makes it more palatable. Some of my favorites are Fixing the chat window, re-ordering your NewsFeed to show new items first, disabling the stupid Lightbox popup for viewing pictures, filtering political conversations, hiding game spam, tabbed and organized news feed, themes that REALLY work, hiding the trending videos/articles within your newsfeed and many more things.

    This add-on is robust enough that "power users" can easily write their own filters and rules to modify the look, feel and content within Facebook while at the same time being simple enough for beginners by having many common things pre-defined for you. You can even install with the default options and change nothing else.

    Users must realize however that things will break from time to time as Facebook is constantly pushing new code out that breaks compatibility with a variety of add-ons not just SocialFixer. What's worse is that when Facebook does release code changes they never release it to everyone at once - it's released to blocks of users over a few days. It is very possible YOU may be having problems but others are not simply because you were part of an update that many other haven't received yet.

    Unlike many other FREE add-ons, this author is **VERY** consistent in fixing this add-on within a few days after a major code change from Facebook is released that may have broken something. Their support team answers questions almost instantly on their Support site on Facebook.

    I am appalled at the hateful reviews from clueless people below since it's beyond the control of the author when Facebook changes their code.

    Final opinion, 5 stars (if I could give it 10 stars I would) Configurability, reliability, EASE of use, and the fact that the project is extremely ACTIVE in changing as Facebook changes.
  • I use this. I donated money to the author. I cannot give it five stars because it frequently breaks, and can degrade performance if you're not careful about the settings. The author works very hard keeping this thing updated. I recognize his job would be much easier if Fb quit changing their code so frequently. Still, I must rate this based on how well it performs, and while it performs very well, it is not quite enough to garner all 5 stars. I still recommend people try it out, and I hope the author continues to provide his hard work and his high level of responsiveness.
  • The add-on version showed me a bunch of JS errors as well, related to a library.
    I would recommend the Greasemonkey version. But right now, it completely hangs my browser. :/

    But don’t get me wrong: Most of the time, the Greasemonkey version worked nearly completely.
    It is a dirty spaghetti solution though, that not only breaks every time something on FB is changed, but often doesn’t fix it in a very non-hackish way.
    The former is not exactly the developer’s fault though. It’s the only choice one has.

    So in general, I’ll simply install an older version of the Greasemonkey script, and not upgrade, until this mess is over.
    Could you tell me the JS errors you get? Have you updated to the latest version 6.6? Or try installing directly from http://SocialFixer.com which may give better results.

    Facebook just made a bunch more code changes, and I need to update my code to catch up. This happens from time to time, and it's just the nature of the beast!
  • Wonderful done add on for firefox.. he works really hard at maintaining the app from facebook changes and annoyances almost weekly he has beta releases.. Its a lovely done add on and restores facebook to the way it should be and what the user base wants and desires.. Making facebook a breeze to search and organize what you want so you can find it in a speedy and efficient manor.. Would use Facebook without it!
  • I have yet to find a flaw with it. I'm so in love with the power over Facebook it has given me! My favorite feature is the the full width option. Second is the custom stylesheet configuration in the Advanced tab. I just wish I could get it to permanently disable the Sponsored section of Facebook. But then again, I would also like Adobe to release an open source version of Photoshop, but that's unlikely anytime soon!
  • To everyone who is receiving the..
    Error in getValue: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x8000ffff (NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED) [nsIPrefBranch.getComplexValue]" nsresult: "0x8000ffff (NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://socialfixer/content/prefman.js :: <TOP_LEVEL> :: line 18" data: no]
    I too got this error message repeatedly after freshly installing Firefox and Social Fixer on a new laptop. After spending literally all day looking for an answer I eventually found a solution. The Version that appears when searched for on Mozilla's addons page is version 6.301 where as the version that installs directly from http://socialfixer.com/ is 6.402. I uninstalled the old version, installed the new version directly from the Social Fixer website and bam! No more error messages! Hope this helps everyone else to continue enjoying this amazing addon.
  • I have the same bug as several other users. It works perfectly on my 64bit laptop, but I get the bug on my 32 bit desktop. They are set up identically. When it works this is a WONDERFUL program. I hate the new version of Facebook and this has made it much easier to navigate.
  • Muy buen complemento para agregar y quitar las molestias de Facebook.
  • Works amazingly on fixing those small yet annoying changes and gives you the opportunity to change your interface/background.

    Sadly I noticed that is slows facebook down a little bit, but it is still worth it!
  • Makes facebook worth using.
  • MUST HAVE!! this is the best add-on out there, with all the chenges to facebook i was gong to stop using it, but this made it awsome again. THANK YOU!
  • I don't know how I've been on facebook for so long and not had this. Now I can't live without the tabs for my games. No more scrolling for just one entry. Love it!
  • An absolute must have if you (like just about everyone) want to regain some of the older FB features and have some more customisation. SocialFixer ROCKS and a rating of 5 is nowhere near high enough!!!