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  • I can hide what I want and only see the things that I want or need. It's all up to me. Matt and the Social Fixer Team are constantly making improvements and have a support forum for questions and issues. Try Social Fixer!
  • Made with passion.
  • Matt has consistently delivered a quality extension for the whole time I've used Social Fixer. He keeps up with Facebook's changes and makes the platform much more enjoyable by providing features that the team at Facebook doesn't, for whatever reason.
  • I'm a long time Firefox user and I love this extension. Gives FB users control back and makes FB less annoying!
  • I have used SocialFixer for a few years now and it simply makes FaceBook enjoyable!! The improved filters are easy to use and work well at keeping unwanted posts from showing up, too! Thanks to Matt Krause for bringing us such a useful tool for FaceBook!
  • I couldn't use FB anymore without Social Fixer. Essential.
  • I've been using SocialFixer for years, and having various features like filtering and custom CSS makes all the difference in the world. I highly recommend it!
  • Love this add on. It has made my Facebook account so much easier and cleaner.
  • One of the best addons I have found for Facebook. I highly recommend this for everyone
  • Makes using Facebook a lot more pleasant
  • An app that literally makes Facebook using not a task or a chore, but fun. So many option that you wonder why Facebook doesn't implement by itself
  • Lets you get rid of stuff you don't use, hide posts you've already read, and lots more.
  • 7 or so years ago? In any case, it has never once let me down, it is the single handed BEST Facebook look and more helper known to mankind. There are a couple others, but they are often complex, detailed, and with all that don't accomplish anywhere near what Social Fixer does. I LOVE, seriously, am IN LOVE WITH the ability to go without any advertising at all, to make my page and layout my preferences, and not Facebook's, and to have all the posts I see going through in the order they were written, and not arbitrarily Facebook's idea of how they should show... Don't use it? You have no idea what you're missing... :) It doesn't affect anything at all publicly, no one else sees your layout. Just you, as you are the one making the choices for your own view of it all. So Facebook isn't affected, nor are random public folks. It is 100% your creation, and shows 100% to you. :)
  • This extension made Facebook much more tolerable. Kudos to the dev. Definitely on my short donation list.
  • I Love this program. It is constantly updated, as Facebook changes their program. It shows you what you want to see and not what they try to force down your throat
  • I was about to leave Facebook before stumbling into Social Fixer. Now I'm staying. Enough said.
  • One of the most important extensions I have on all my computers. I can't imagine using Facebook without it. Great work!
  • Social Fixer is a wonderful add-on. Matt has always worked hard on this add-on to keep it working smoothly. I will always use Social Fixer. It makes FB so much better to use.
  • I would have left Facebook if it weren't for SocialFixer. This version is a breeze to use.

    I am able to select areas of my timeline that I don't wish to see, that alone makes it something I want to use.

    Another feature I rely on is the ability to mark posts as "read" so they don't appear again to clutter up my news feed.

    I can also hide my friends to maintain their privacy and add all types of filters to help me maintain an even cleaner news feed.

    Matt and his team have given us a real gem of and add-on.
  • Matt Kruse and team have restored the functionality Social Fixer used to have on Firefox, and more. Filters are robust and effective. The visual elements that Social Fixer adds to Firefox are unobtrusive. Comes with pre-written filters to remove some current topics you may be tired of seeing in your feed.
  • Palemoon suggests Social Fixer to be used instead of using FB Purity. It's listed as a workaround. However, after installing it, there were several error messages. I like SF and hope there is a way to get it to work.
    I hope you will revise or remove your review - the version hosted here is old and the new version is under review right now (it has been waiting over a month). It will work fine. Until then, visit SocialFixer.com to download the GreaseMonkey version, which should work fine.
  • was afraid I'd be out of luck on firefox, but you can just google his site for the up-to-date greasemonkey version

    not only that, the export and import from chrome was a cinch
  • Do you test Social Fixer with Firefor ESR? The latest version is 31.6.0.

    I know that I have to download SocialFixer from your site, no problem with that.
  • Sorry, didn't know about the FF approval issue.
    Mozilla won't approve the latest versions, because Social Fixer does things to take control of Facebook that they don't approve of. The current version at SocialFixer.com works just fine on FF32. Please install from there. And please don't leave 1-star reviews. :(
  • This is a wonderful addon that makes Facebook tolerable to use! It manages to fix a lot of what makes FB annoying, and has great customisability but is still easy to use. Any issues or bugs are quickly resolved and the developer works hard to stay on top of any new code changes in Facebook. Thanks for a great addon!