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  • I absolutely love Better Facebook. I use the greasemonkey script instead of the firefox addon though. However, I was wondering, is there anyway to keep the notifications always showing up as new in the upper right taskbar in facebook?
  • Matt Kruse has enabled Facebook users to revert their facebook pages back to the way it used to be, before all of the silly changes. The Better Facebook! add-on also includes some smart cosmetic changes, and options to further personalise your facebook page. I have donated, and will be keeping this one - well done Matt ( Working fine with Firefox 6.0.2 )
  • I like the app but...everytime i put a theme on it starts freezing and stuff.
  • Weiter so is ein top facebook tool.....................
  • It is good, but It made my firefox crash a few times, and the last time it did, the settings messed up and it doesn't show up my theme.
  • I dont remember even how was surf FB without this GREAT tool.
    A must!!
  • Can't use FaceBook without this add-on!
  • makes a lot fun
  • the new chat is showing little squares after the name of ppl please update to remove this squares
  • Wow, what an improvement! This is a must have add-on for Facebook users.
  • Never seen so much options with a single add-on. And that is for good. It absolutely works fine and didn't notice any speed difference at all. Hopefully, Facebook doesn't break the add-on frequently. Good work, Matt.
  • This addon makes Facebook do everything I've always wished it would!! The tabbed browsing alone is a godsend!! Many, many, thanks to the creator!!
  • Absolutely necessary. This does everything Facebook should have done. The tabs are great. Puts all the Farmville garbage into its own tab that you can ignore. Tons of features. Be sure to check out the Options thoroughly. You'll be amazed at all the things BFB can do. Don't forget to donate a few bucks to Matt. He had done a great job with this.
  • Extremely powerful tool for making Facebook better and more powerful. Customizations to the UI are easy and effective... and the guy who maintains Better Facebook is constantly upgrading and keeping current with the many changes and new features of Facebook.
  • This is one of the reasons I went back to using FaceBook! A lot of great options make your viewing a 100% better. I love the "DeskTop Theme", it makes updates and post much easier to read. Plus if someone is looking over your shoulder, it's hard for them to tell at a glance you are on FB.
  • Everytime I use this Add-on the padlock icon turns a red X over the icon, The url box turns red instead of the usual secure blue (using a https as default of course).
    Nevertheless this add-on works fine.
    Images used in the Options dialog and other places are stored on amazon or dropbox, on non-https servers. So the change in the padlock probably is just signaling that not all the content on the page is coming from a secure site. Nothing big. There is no personal data being sent over the web, so no security risk.
  • should have a better look...
  • Making Facebook better.
  • This ext is just great
  • I love this app. I can't do without it! I love how I can hover the mouse over the notifications and not have to click on the link. I love how it enlarges a photo without clicking on it. I love how it tells you who has unfriendly you. I love how it enlarges the screen and how the background can be made another color other than the blinding white. I really love how the new feature has eliminated the way FB changed the comment box. It was so frustrating not being able to separate paragraphs with the enter key without the comment posting. And, unless you already have an unbearably slow computer, this app DOES NOT slow down your computer. Thanks for making Facebook better.
  • incredibly slows down facebook.
    A few users report slowdown, but it is almost always caused by something other than BFB.
    There is an extensive FAQ entry about this:
  • There are so many things about Facebook that we can't control, but this add-on takes advantage of most of the things that the user can control. The interface is pretty clunky but after you page through all the various preferences, you'll find that your overall facebook experience is vastly improved. I think the stand-out feature is being able to "mark as read" or hide posts is the most useful for me. For those who play Zynga games, this feature will make it easier to collect rewards. And for those of you who don't, there are simple features that allow you to block those types of posts.

    You can really dive deep into the preferences but for those of us who want to disable the "return" feature when posting, this works quite well. What's keeping this review from being 5 stars is the clunky interface: it's pretty overwhelming at first glance. Most of my other issues have more to do with Facebook. I would also love to have a "sync" function that would allow my preferences, read posts, etc. to carry over to other computers. I have no idea how this would work and I imagine it would be a huge undertaking, but how cool would that be?!
  • Great, needs a better UI. Thanks!
  • love it
  • Love it! Completely personalizes Facebook to me! An amazing undertaking! One suggestion -- add a "box of insert-able smilies" whenever the chat window opens. That would be the cherry on top for me.