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  • This is 1 reason, no matter how much someone wants us to move to a ""New version of a browser or the likes, I will stay with the Old stuff till the add-ons catch up. foxfires newest version sucks, cause nothing works on it.
  • Loved it for as long as it worked.
    Upon upgrade to Firefox 8 version the BF stopped working. Tried to reinstall Firefox 7 without any effect. Uninstall and reinstall of BF didn't work. OS is XP SP3.
  • Why not putting your new piece msg here Matt?

    So it is now: http://socialfixer.com/
    Thanks :)
  • I am very happy with the features, and I have an understanding for the time it takes for someone to develope something like this.
    So as a feedback, I can tell you the following:
    I constantly get a pop-up in firefox saying that the script https://s-static.ak.facebook.com/rsrc.php/v1/yq/r/gHQ_iB0-ppQ.js:17 is causing Better Facebook to freeze, and then I have the option to stop it, but it reoccurs again after a few minutes. I now had to disable BF. :o(
    Furthermore I ahve been given a lot of red warning signs up in the right corner, and hopefully this will stop soon too.
    The errors are like this: Better Facebook Error!
    (These errors may be disabled in Options->Debug)
    See the FAQ for help!
    No json.payload

    I also get these:

    Better Facebook Error!
    (These errors may be disabled in Options->Debug)
    See the FAQ for help!
    Error: Permission denied to access property 'getElementById' line #873
    Error: Permission denied to access property 'getElementById' line #873

    Furthermore The friend tracker and the friends activity don't work at all anymore, they are just saying Loading...

    I hope this could be of help.
    I have addressed most of these problems many times on the BFB Page. I have fixed the issues, and they will be corrected in the next release.
    For slowness issues, the FAQ helps: http://BetterFacebook.net/faq.php#slow
  • It's just amazing. After a few minutes with BFB I wondered how I could've been on FB without it. Instead of making lame code changes and generally messing FB up, they should just hire you and integrate all of these options and make their site better, as the app name says.
  • fabulous add-on! Really the best Facebook enhancer! A lot of good functions! Keep up the good work
  • it is perfect! no problems i am using 7.0 too but no crash
  • I love the Better Facebook add-on. But I had to disable it until it was updated to 5.931 because it was causing firefox 6.0.2. to constantly crash. After the update to 5.931 firefox was not crashing as often but was still crashing. When it was updated to 5.94 and firefox updated to 7.0, it causes firefox to crash every few minutes. I have had to disable Better Facebook. Hopefully another update will be released that will be compatible with firefox.
  • cool but needs to load faster
  • I absolutely love Better Facebook. I use the greasemonkey script instead of the firefox addon though. However, I was wondering, is there anyway to keep the notifications always showing up as new in the upper right taskbar in facebook?
  • Matt Kruse has enabled Facebook users to revert their facebook pages back to the way it used to be, before all of the silly changes. The Better Facebook! add-on also includes some smart cosmetic changes, and options to further personalise your facebook page. I have donated, and will be keeping this one - well done Matt ( Working fine with Firefox 6.0.2 )
  • I like the app but...everytime i put a theme on it starts freezing and stuff.
  • Weiter so is ein top facebook tool.....................
  • It is good, but It made my firefox crash a few times, and the last time it did, the settings messed up and it doesn't show up my theme.
  • I dont remember even how was surf FB without this GREAT tool.
    A must!!
  • Can't use FaceBook without this add-on!
  • makes a lot fun
  • the new chat is showing little squares after the name of ppl please update to remove this squares
  • Wow, what an improvement! This is a must have add-on for Facebook users.
  • Never seen so much options with a single add-on. And that is for good. It absolutely works fine and didn't notice any speed difference at all. Hopefully, Facebook doesn't break the add-on frequently. Good work, Matt.
  • This addon makes Facebook do everything I've always wished it would!! The tabbed browsing alone is a godsend!! Many, many, thanks to the creator!!
  • Absolutely necessary. This does everything Facebook should have done. The tabs are great. Puts all the Farmville garbage into its own tab that you can ignore. Tons of features. Be sure to check out the Options thoroughly. You'll be amazed at all the things BFB can do. Don't forget to donate a few bucks to Matt. He had done a great job with this.
  • Extremely powerful tool for making Facebook better and more powerful. Customizations to the UI are easy and effective... and the guy who maintains Better Facebook is constantly upgrading and keeping current with the many changes and new features of Facebook.
  • This is one of the reasons I went back to using FaceBook! A lot of great options make your viewing a 100% better. I love the "DeskTop Theme", it makes updates and post much easier to read. Plus if someone is looking over your shoulder, it's hard for them to tell at a glance you are on FB.
  • Everytime I use this Add-on the padlock icon turns a red X over the icon, The url box turns red instead of the usual secure blue (using a https as default of course).
    Nevertheless this add-on works fine.
    Images used in the Options dialog and other places are stored on amazon or dropbox, on non-https servers. So the change in the padlock probably is just signaling that not all the content on the page is coming from a secure site. Nothing big. There is no personal data being sent over the web, so no security risk.