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  • I may have just found a way to delete the Facebook app!
  • Супперклассное приложение
  • This is a great alternative to FB Purity. It's easy to use (and has a very helpful user's group); it has an accessible interface and has a rich feature set.
  • Gefällt mir
  • Amazing add-on, it has many features which help you not to lose your mind while scrolling through Facebook. I've been thinking about deleting my FB account due to all the crap going on, yet it's my main source of communication, news etc.

    Great interface, very user friendly and has everything you need as a filter option and more. 10/10, will recommend to all my friends.
  • Does exactly what it says and that is a lot!!!
  • The bubble notifications on Facebook started to add up. This was causing some of my keyboard input to not function properly. After I installed this, I set it to stop the bubble notifications, and they are gone! It also has many more tweaks for Facebook.
  • Facebook is a free service over which users have zero control and almost zero input. Facebook doesn't construct its user interface for the convenience of its users but to maximise its profit (not a criticism - it's a profit-making enterprise!). However, when something grows to the size it has and becomes so entrenched in so many people's lives, it becomes a utility, just like gas or electricity (alright, not quite :) ) and really should respond to its users needs more than it does.

    In steps Social Fixer. It can't fix everything that's wrong with FB from a user's point of view but it does deal with many of the things that people don't like. It does so well, even though sometimes FB's legendary constant code changes make it hard for the SF developers to keep up. So, sometimes patience is required when a feature stops working but I find this a small price to pay for all the good stuff. I like this add-on so much, I've donated twice - now that's a rarity :)
  • It's not 100% perfect, but it removed most of unwanted stuff
  • I'm not a great fan of FB itself, it's too intrusive and messy with too many postings of rubbish stuff, although I can see a lot of people keep in touch by way of it (I keep an eye on family and friends, but prefer to keep contact in other ways)

    Social Fixer does tidy up the view a lot, and makes using FB much more bearable for me.
  • Works well, updates frequently, user-tweakable, good interface, the most OP addon I have, and that's saying something!
  • You can modify nearly everything in your Facebook interface.
  • So it can block a lot of the Adware boxes and unwanted things, sure, but other add ons do that too.

    What makes it OUTSTANDING is its filtering the people who's comments you want to read, out of the mist of Trolls Troglodites ans Mee-Too's that swamp Facebook these day's

    P.S. Matt could you also make a filter for Fakenews spotting it should be easy if its fiercely reposted by the usual suspects of the several Internet Megaphones and Putins Political Propaganda Pawns