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  • very useful. I like the filters and hide all read post . thank you
  • I'm so glad that I can finally get this extension in Firefox. I can now disable many of the annoying features in Facebook.
  • Very efficient although I wish the friends monitor feature would not report disabled accounts as unfriended.
  • Great add-on with active development. The developer is very responsive. How Facebook should be!
  • Love this app. I would recommend it to everyone.
  • Lots of bells and whistles that do lots of things Facebook has been missing, with room for improvement and expansion.
  • Once you get this set up, it makes Facebook much more enjoyable. Fewer annoying ads or clogged up timeline from game posts.
  • filtering liked posts of friends is great, but I wish there would be a way to easily choose who to filter. I don't want to type regexes manually for all my friends.
  • Great
  • Best addon for Facebook
  • very very nice
    i do not like to be distracted
    nor being annoyed
    so i love this great extension
  • Works great, doesn't completely overhaul Facebook but cleans it up quite dramatically. Think of adblock but rather than blocking ads it just blocks all the useless s**t on Facebook (which is about 70% of the page) :)
  • THANK YOU! It was easy to remove all the posts containing the words "Tag" or "When". Easy AF, thank you so much!!
  • Settings don't stick. They all default to the defaults every time it loads. I spent 15 minutes going over everything and even exported the settings, and now they won't stick, even if I import them.
    If your settings don't stick, you might have a problem with your browser profile, or some other software that is clearing your extension storage. This is not an extension problem, otherwise the other 300k+ users would all be complaining.
    Problems like this are what the support group is for: http://SocialFixer.com/support/
    I would appreciate this problem going there instead of being posted as a 1-star review here. Thanks!
  • Fixes some major annoyances with Facebook. Great add-on!
  • FB is becoming increasingly annoying, but thanks to Matt and his most excellent Social Fixer, FB is tolerable once again. Great job all around.
  • I could not stand to use Facebook any more without Social Fixer! It's a fantastic little add-on program that allows one to highly customize what one sees on FB. Not intrusive, yet very effective. It allows me to hide most of the annoying parts of FB. And it's FREE! (We send the occassional donation to the developer though!) Highly recommend Social Fixer!
  • Knocked Facebook's incredibly annoying "People You May Know" on the head straight off!!!
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  • It's good to have this valuable add-on back, after being put on a standstill hiatus for nearly two years, until long awaited, and much needed updates finally came again! Virtually anything you can think of to help better your Facebook experience is found here, and even got the much needed friend tracker recently reinstated as well! This (besides once again thankfully being notified when you have a horrible, backstabbing sneaky traitor who was once a "friend" of yours deleting you, but also having a much better chance of getting them back if you wish, if they may have possibly unfriended you by accident, which does tend to happen from time to time) now includes telling you when a friend reactivates their account, or even changes their name on Facebook, which comes in handy too! This of which is one of the few, if not only still available friend tracking apps/add-ons which tells you this, in addition to letting you know who unfortunately removed you from their friends list. The ONLY real current downside of this add-on (which caused me to give it a four star and not yet a perfect five rating) I.M.O. is that disabling Facebook's totally horrid, ugly, distorting, and resource draining lightbox theater photo and video popup viewer mode has yet to be bought back in it. That of which was my favorite feature of Social Fixer, besides the aforementioned friend tracker. But I DO believe the developer is still (hopefully) planning on reinstating that much desired option eventually one day as well, if it's still possible. Being able to do that will make Social Fixer totally five star perfect (from my point of view at least) once again, along with whatever other very useful features the magician (that is Mr. Matt Kruse) behind this will have up his sleeve as time goes on as well! Highly recommended overall!
  • Does a wonderful job on the PC, wish it was available for mobiles.
  • Love very much
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