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  • Didn't stop one posting, infact looks like there are more then yesterday when I didn't have it.... Fail/
  • installs, won't show up in toolbar, but it is still in addons, pretty sure this is a UI design, but I really dislike it, I prefer to have the icon in my toolbar so I can easily options. other than that, working okay, will update later
    UPDATE: can't figure out how to hide comments which is literally the only reason I got this, tried stealth mode, didn't seem to do anything
    OTHER UPDATE: Literally says in the description that "Stealth Mode hides Like buttons, COMMENT areas, etc so you can browse Facebook without accidentally interacting with posts you don't intend to" My review is a reflect of my own personal experiences, if I feel like it's one star then I will do that, not just because I don't like it.
    Not all extensions add icons to the toolbar. This is not needed.
    Social Fixer doesn't hide comments, but it can hide entire posts based on filters. You shouldn't leave a 1-star review just because you think it should do something it never said it could.
  • I had given-up on FaceBook because most of my posts were 'sponsored' or 'suggested' or some other FB crap. I couldn't see what my friends were doing. Socialfixer cut-out 95% of the spam. You have to bear in mind that the Zuckers are constantly trying to stop Socialfixer working on FB, so it has to be updated often.
    I recently reloaded Firefox, forgetting to reactivate Socialfixer, and was surprised at how much FB shite swamped my site within a day. I would not use FB without Socialfixer.
  • Works great. Constantly updated to battle Facebook's anti-anti-ads. :)
    This is a constant battle against Facebook, and the new version 24 hides all sponsored posts!