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  • Awesome extension, but it is too bad that you can no longer export/import the configuration. Plus it would be nice to be able to resize the window.
  • Very very awesome
  • A nice idea, but the toolbar persistently obscures the top or bottom of webpages, which makes it more nuisance than utility. If it's not possible to display it without laying it on top of the page, could we at least have optionsto toggle it on and off easily? Or put it in the sidebar?
  • Great Add-ons. Thanks.
  • Used for many years with no defects I can even recall.

    Has been VERY helpful for international business meetings and social contacts as well!

    Going to donate right now. HINT! ...
  • Exactly what I was looking for, simple yet useful.
  • Excellent app. I don't understand why the last 2 updates for FF have blocked it.
  • Great add-on. One I use all the time as I work with people across several time zones. Only issue is that sometimes sites load in their mobile version when the statusbar is visible. Would be good to be able to set it to not show on sites that break when you visit.