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  • The concept is really useful. The recent performance problem made me aware of the fact that the automatic sort introduces (even now that the issue is fixed, albeit not so dramatic) a lag in the page load. It would be neat if there was an option to automatically sort bookmarks only when a bookmark is added or renamed. IMHO it's not really that useful to sort when FF starts, and by the way I am noticing a delay also when I open a new page within the same session which seems to imply that the sorting is also taking place at that time. Thanks anyway!
    I agree.

    I thought there was an issue for this already, but couldn't find it so I wrote one:

    In the future, since I don't usually read the reviews, I encourage anyone that has a bug or feature request to use the Support Site on GitHub instead.
  • The new version seems to be OK
    I submitted a new version to Mozilla (under review) to address the freezing when running on Windows. You can always disable the automatic sorting. Also, I'm planning to add an option to disable and/or delay sorting on startup.
  • Really hogs up the CPU cycles and freezes Firefox
    I have a new version under review.
  • Edit 11/17/2016: With version 2.10.9 this problem seems to be much better/eliminated. Thanks for fixing this!

    Still stops Firefox dead in its tracks for almost 30 seconds on every startup of Firefox for me. Using Firefox 49.0.2 on Windows 7 Pro and Bookmark Auto-sort 2.10.8. I tried disabling and re-enabling, and increasing delay to 10, 20 and even 30 seconds - none of these attempts helped noticeably. Disabling auto-sort improves Firefox's startup time to normal (5-10 seconds or so, for me). If I click 'sort bookmarks' it only takes 2-3 seconds at most to finish sorting, so the problem doesn't appear to be the actual sorting, but some type of interference with Firefox's startup procedure. I didn't start having this problem until the last few versions of Firefox and Auto-sort.
    Right, there was a bug that affects Windows users. I was previously only testing on MacOS. I'm now testing on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
  • Similar to reports of previous versions locking up Firefox.

    Occurs whether upgrading from previous version 2.10.7 or doing a clean install.
  • Have to edit the review. On FF 50 and addon version 2.10.9.

    When auto-sort is enabled I have to wait 1 - 2 minutes for Firefox to become responsive.
    Rating 3 stars nonetheless since it does at least sort the bookmarks.

    Wanted behaviour:
    When I add a new bookmark in the Unsorted Bookmarks folder and I open the bookmarks page I would want to see that bookmark right at the top of the Unsorted Bookmarks folder.
    Always the latest added on the top.
    With auto-sort on I cannot use FF.

    With auto-sort off at least at the end of the day I can sort the bookmarks and they are in order for the next day.

    Currently on Firefox 49.0.2. My places.sqlite is about 30MB, I have close to 32000 bookmarks.

    Selected the sorting I want to have, this being Date Added from latest to oldest. Once I clicked the Sort Bookmarks button I had to wait for about a minute, then Firefox was responsive again.

    Now all bookmarks are sorted the way I want them whenever I open the Bookmarks Page. Also Firefox does not hang or lag or anything, I can use it just like before.

    Therefore this addon is perfect for my use case.

    The small waiting time is nothing compared to always having to sort the bookmarks manually by selecting the column and then also having to scroll either up or down with the scrollbar.

    Please keep this actively developed if you can. It is really good stuff. Just made a Mozilla account only to let you know.

    I am sure lots of people would love this addon as well. Great effort!!
  • Последняя версия стала сильно тормозить браузер после открытия любой страницы.
    Страница начинает открываться, через секунду браузер зависает на минуту.
    Firefox 49.0.2
  • Dear,

    this add-on is fantastic! The only problem is that the browser freezes completely when we activate the sorting. I saw that the previous versions have the problem, but please keep going that this product is really amazing.
  • 2.10.6 жутко тормозит браузер
    2.10.5 не ставится т.к. не прошла проверку
    I've identified where the blocking/freezing is happening. I'm currently working on a fix.
  • Version 2.10.6 freezes browser.
    I will work on a fix for this this weekend.

    Update (Sept 9): I tried using a web-worker to prevent blocking but ran into some issues with that approach. I'm going to try the "setTimeout()" approach now.
  • Since Firefox banned SortPlaces I tried this. It works well except it adds a noticeable delay to Firefox launch, maybe because it sorts then. Wish we could turn sort at launch off; I don't see why it should be needed if you sort when you add bookmarks. Also, if you turn autosort off, there is no menu command to sort just an icon. Otherwise good, thanks for making it.
  • Well supported. Only problems I had were high memory use, but solution for low memory machine is to disable auto sort and when you want to sort, click on the icon in Toolbar (hover and see it says Sort Bookmarks). Another issue: if autosort is on, I'd try to add a folder and it would quickie jump before permit naming the folder; just put in a Delay and a Delay under folder to give you time! It is essentially sorting before you can bookmark! Wow, a huge improvement on Sort Places. A real contribution. Firefox should pay him to bring this functionality into the browser! Tried to make a donation; couldn't figure out how.
  • This plugin constantly hogs at least a third of my CPU. Is it just sorting and resorting already sorted bookmarks in the background? That's what it seems it's doing.
  • Works perfectly for my needs.
  • Slow and ugly.
  • Does not work with 46.0.1 button stays greyed and nonfunctional. If you had it set auto prior to update then that may continue. But manual use is dead.
    Please fix
  • Manual sorting does not work at all with Firefox 45.0.2

    Hopefully someone can help with development!
  • All my bookmarks from 3rd and above level from bookmarks bar were mixed and got unattached after sort. Dammit.
  • For me, this add-on has always been a 'set and forget'. I install it and expect my bookmarks to *always* be sorted..
  • I hope someone picks up the management of this add-on—if I knew how to do it, I would. Very handy Makes my life MUCH easier bc I have so many bookmarks.
  • And the years you supported the plugin.

    It was very useful to me,I hope there'll be someone who can at least keep it working with future firefox versions.
  • Muito bom este aplicativo. Pode-se classificar os favoritos por diversos métodos.
  • Добавляет функционал, ожидаемый «из коробки».
  • This looks like a nice effort towards something quite useful, like an auto-sorted bookmark toolbar. But enabling auto-sort starts constantly hogging CPU on my profile. I have 5000 bookmarks total, separate in year folders. Disabling recursion etc didn't help. Disable plugin == firefox CPU usage drops to <1% immediately.

    Linux 40.0.3
  • Awesome now folder sorting has been added. Thanks dev!