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  • It works fine but it requires some permissions.
    This is why I replaced it with the "sort bookmarks" addon, which also works fine, plus does not require such permissions.
    Thanks for your work :)
  • This add-on has served me well. I never liked the way Firefox adds bookmarks to the bottom of folders, rather than the top, by default. When saving links to forum threads, usually the most recent are the most relevant, so I like those to appear at the top, so each time I would have to go in and drag the bookmark all the way to the top, often involving scrolling. This add-on has made it possible to get my bookmarks sorted the way I want automatically.

    I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn't for the latest update (which seems to have taken place yesterday) which has resulted in all my bookmarks and folders getting sorted alphabetically. The worst part is that the bookmark separators have all been moved to the top, so now it's going to be a huge load of work getting it all to look the way it was. I understand this is freeware and I'm glad the developer has no intention of causing anyone problems, but I'm rather disappointed that this update has not been fully tested before releasing it.

    As usually, spilling wine on the sofa takes half a second; cleaning up can take hours.

    Firefox is partly to blame, because this add-on worked flawlessly for a long time but then it got marked as 'legacy' following a recent Firefox update, thus forcing the developer to rewrite the code. This problem may never have happened if the code didn't have to be re-written.

    I'm giving it 4 stars to encourage the developer to continue working on it. We appreciate your efforts, now please fix this update! :)
    There was testing, but it was cut short due to a slightly earlier than expected release of Firefox 57 (Quantum), so I rushed it to get just alphabetical sorting out in 3.0. I didn't realize how many people relied on the "excluded folders" feature (I don't use it myself so it wasn't a problem for me). I'm working on an update, so check the GitHub site for the latest status. Also, don't forget to make backups of your bookmarks.
  • one star for remove Exclude folders function
    one star for Auto enable, sort(F#@k) all my bookmarks
    Can I give it less than this?
    I'm working on the "Exclude Folders" option, but it requires a re-write due to Mozilla removing the bookmark tag feature under WebExtensions.
  • Periodically Auto-Start gets re-enabled without any kind of notice - despite my always disabling and saving settings.

    Not only does this mess up bookmarks, but it locks up Firefox for what had appeared to be an unknown reason (took a while to pinpoint) during every browsing session, freezing it for as 10min (possibly longer) with me 30,000+ bookmarks.

    Please FIX so that Auto-Sort doesn't keep getting re-enabled.

    Until that critical issue is fixed, I will be using (and suggest others use):

    Also, it seems like there are settings left over in about:config, which are ignored. Please auto-delete these as they end up being confusing and seemingly broken.
    It seems like this might occur whenever extension is updated (though not sure)?

    Also please add support for the following features (critical for me to be able to use):

    1) Add option to sort a specific bookmark folder on-demand (via context menu for Bookmarks Toolbar and/or Manager) - (this may remove or reduce need for more complex exclude folders option for some - and is the only way I would end up using this anymore)

    2) Add Options to Exclude folders (child bookmarks and optionally subfolders under it - eg. so bookmarks directly under Bookmarks Toolbar don't get sorted, just a few specific folders (usually recursively).
    The next version will disable auto-sort by default. The "about:config" settings are not used. You can just manually delete them. I don't think there is an API to remove them under the WebExtensions API, but I'll check.
    1) You don't need any add-on to sort a specific folder. Firefox already does this.
    2) Yes, I'm working on the "Exclude Folders" option, but it requires a re-write due to Mozilla removing the bookmark tag feature under WebExtensions.
  • This version is a disaster, do not install until this thing gets some testing.

    - Defaulted to Auto Sort after update. The First Rule of Extension Club is - Don't default something on, especially when it's buggy as hell.
    - Missing functionality present in previous version - The Second Rule of Extension Club - don't default something on when it has less functionality
    - It is completely confused about separators, these are just ending up wherever.

    Looks like you took this over from the original developer. Good for you, but you would have been better off changing the name and not misleading people as to what they're getting. I have a lot of bookmarks, and they are synced across multiple browsers with Xmarks, so this thing screwing the pooch resulted in me spending a good hour getting things sorted (no pun intended), which I eventually rectified by reloading the last 2.x version (which actually works).

    Sorry if this sounds harsh, but learn to beta. If I load some half-tested or untested garbage that I know is beta, that's on me. You unleashing it on thousands of people without their knowledge, that's on you.
    Next version will disable auto-sort by default. I did release betas of 3.0, so I expect you to help test the next update on the GitHub site: https://github.com/eric-bixby/auto-sort-bookmarks-webext
    Keep in mind this is an open-source product that I do in my spare time and not Fight Club. We all need to contribute, so you can do that by helping test it and not expect others to do it for you.
  • Still has some issues. At first I thought this worked perfectly after the update, sorting by date added. But then when I came back to my bookmarks later, the order was scrambled. I played around with settings and results were varied. Sometimes I could get it to re-sort by date added, sometimes not. But always, the order would re-arrange itself over time.
  • Works for me !!!
  • Was great until the latest update which removed exclude-folders causing it to switch to defaults and sort ALL my bookmarks, so they are completely messed up now.

    The addon should NOT have remained enabled if functionality was removed that would cause a behavior change without the users permission. Better it remain broken/none functional than suddenly sort everyones bookmarks in a way they did not want. Very unimpressed.
    The next version will require the user to enable auto-sort.
  • Please add sorting by last visited if possible as it was the only reason I downloaded this add-on, thanks
  • Thanks!
  • plis update
    The new version is ready.
  • It hang's up firefox if enabled
    I've released a new version that works with Firefox 57. Perhaps you'll have better performance with this version.
  • 5 stars says it all :)
  • 我需要一台时光机
    I wish I had a time machine also.
  • I like the add-on but you failed to explain how does one activates the sort on demand, not automatic?
    If you click on the Auto-Sort Bookmarks icon, it will manually sort your bookmarks.
  • Does the job. Fast. I have thousands of bookmarks, and this sorted them in a flash.
  • 很好
  • very good
  • Autosort seems to be functioning again. Good deal.
  • FF 51.0.1 continuously crashes on ASB update.
    Solution: manually delete extension and its traces from prefs.js and reinstall.
    I just submitted version 2.10.11 for review to fix this problem.
  • However, It is sorting both Folders and Separators by date as if they were links. I kinda need my folders at the top.
    Based on the sort order, folders should be at the top, then links. However, separators are not sorted. Everything above the separator is sorted separately from everything below the separator.
    If this doesn't help, then please open an issue and attach a screen capture to show the problem:
  • Sunt foarte mutimumit de el.
    Cu putina atentie faci aranjezi cum vrei bookmark-urile