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  • 手动添加搜索引擎,真费时间.不过还是喜欢.希望早点支持一下中文.哈哈
  • very very good sdds opera
  • Amazing! Highly customizable, handy and clever addon!
  • It is very easy to search words by using this add-on.
  • Is there a way to have an option to display the result as an inner popup (tooltip), it's very helpful for translate words. Thanks for a very useful ext.
    Hi and thanks for the review! :) Well, it's not easy to know what would be the correct thing to display in an inner frame for a custom website (The whole page? First result? But what is a result? Not all sites display results in the same way... Custom results if using google translate? It's complicated! :p). That is an interesting idea, though. :)
  • Sowas habe ich die ganze Zeit gesucht und endlich bin ich auf dieses Add-on gestoßen! DANKE!
  • Шикарное дополнение я себе туда добавил поиск по ~20 сайтам
  • Ottima, una volta capito è molto facile da utilizzare e fa quello che deve. Altamente personalizzabile, veloce e leggera. Aggiunta consigliatissima, vi cambierà il modo di usare Firefox.
  • easy, good
  • Excellent tool to use as a doubleclick dictionary search. Unfortunately when I use my Firefox account to sync extensions my settings aren't synced! I have to add the dictionaries and favicons ...
    Hi! Thanks for the review! :)

    You are right, SSS doesn't support Firefox Sync currently. Sorry! I had implemented it but found a bug in Firefox (which I reported here: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1423744) that could cause problems if the user's icon images exceed the storage limit, so decided to postpone it. It will come eventually, with the bug or not. ;)

    Meanwhile, you can try the "Storage & backup" section and export your settings to a file. Then on the other computer you can import the file. I know... it's not as convenient... I understand your criticism. :)
  • Very nice extension.
  • Классное расширение!!! Почему этих функций нет в Firefox для меня загадка!
  • This is a great extension without which I wouldn't use Firefox. Thanks so much for it. There's one additional feature I'd love to see, though, which is in the similar 'Selection search' extension for Chrome. In that, in the list of search engines in the options, as well as new search engines one can add submenus and drag some of the search engines into them. In use, the submenus show up in the popup as folder symbols, and on moving the mouse over one of these folders (NOT clicking on it, just hovering over it) a further popup opens on top of the main popup containing the search engines that were put into the submenus in the Options. So, for example, my main popup contains the copy and launch URL, Google, Wikipedia, IMDB etc, but also 3 folders, one of which on mouseover opens a further popup of dictionaries, another of shopping site searches etc. This makes the main popup more reasonable in size and finding things easier than with this extension in Firefox where my Swift Selection Search has all the same search engines configured but the popup contains ALL of them as a mass of icons in a large popup. SO it would be great if you could add this feature. (Note that the engines put in a submenu both appear on mouseover of a folder in the popup, and appear in submenus in the context menu, if display in context menu is also selected.)
    Hi! Thanks for the suggestion and for the glowing review. :) Folders are quickly becoming the most requested feature right now and it's definitely on my plans. Unfortunately for me, it's a feature that will take a long time to implement (taking into account the amount of free time I have, and motivation :p), so I'll have to deal with other things in SSS first, before venturing into it. But it's something I want to do in one form or another. :) Cheers!
  • Thanks, Daniel
    You are quite welcome! ;) Thanks!