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  • I like it, but I would LOVE it if it could work like the context search addon for FF <56. You only had to select some text, right click and there in the menu you got a few icons to click on. With this addon the search engines are behind a menu.

    Daniel pless
    Hey there! Thanks for the review! :)

    Do you mean making the search engines appear outside the "Search for (...)" sub menu? I tried to install Context Search on an older Firefox to see what it did exactly but it placed all engines inside a sub menu too, so I was a bit confused. :)

    If it's that, I'm afraid I can't do it in WebExtensions (the only way to create extensions after Firefox 57). Sorry! Quoting Mozilla, "If you have created more than one context menu item or more than one tools menu item, then the items will be placed in a submenu." There doesn't seem to be a way around this.

  • Works fine, thank you.
  • Amazing search add-on here.
    SSS is GOD
    Hahaha it's not every day that my addon is called GOD! ;) Thanks for the review!
  • genius indisponsable and replace some addon like fastestsearch
  • Very nice! That's exactly what I wanted, thank you!
  • Finally found replacement for Clickless Menu! Spent awhile Googling before stumbled across this. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
  • Finally I find the extension I was dreaming to have. This extension is a must have for me and as firefox user I was using chrome ONLY because there was a similar extension that I could not find for firefox. You can easily customize the add-on and make your own search engines.
    EX: add this in the addon settings: https://translate.google.com/?source=gtx_c#auto/en/{searchTerms} and now you can select any text and directly get a translation on google translate. I have added my favorite dictionaries like Larousse, Merriam-Webster etc.. and I have a translation with one click.
    Million Thanks for the excellent job.
  • Grandiosa extensión!!!
  • Just what I was searching for ;)

    I went back to FF52 ESR, because in quantum doesnt work my favorite auto search addon, but I found a great replacment.

    Thank you very much mr. dev.
  • Very useful, highly configurable and options all are useful.
  • the best extension! As a search engine I added Google Translate link https://translate.google.com/?sl=da#auto/en/{searchTerms} , so i can translate now the selected text too!
    Nice tip! ;) And thanks for the review!
  • The best!
  • I think I found a nice replacement for Context Search (the one by Ben Basson) and Drag & Drop Zones (which is broken).

    It's a very good thing to be able to import engines from the search.json file.

    Some of my engines were imported twice, because of the multiple links that exist in some files, but I must clarify that I created custom search engines with XML files, in an amateur way (imitating other search engines) and maybe I didn't do too well. Edit : it is now fixed.

    The open as link button doesn't work but I expect it will be fixed soon enough. Edit : it actually worked for single-word and hyphened-word searches but not for a text with spaces or words separated by colons. The dev allowed the former with their last update but the later is forbidden by Mozilla.

    Would it be possible to save the preferences ?

    Thanks for your work, it is well thought out and deserves a better place on this website.
    Hey there, thanks for the review! :) I'm strongly inclined to believe that your duplicate imported engines were caused by a bug that I fixed in 3.6.0. Hopefully!

    Could you please tell me more about the "open as link" icon not working? (or report the problem to https://github.com/CanisLupus/swift-selection-search/issues) It seems to be working for me, but sometimes the problem is hard to reproduce. An example would help a lot!

    Exporting the preferences or even syncing with Firefox Sync is in my plans. ;)
  • Very customizable. Is the only add-on of its kind that can directly import from search.json.mozlz4 saving you a lot of time. Developer is very nice and personable too :)
  • I used to work with Opera because it get this ability to use this overlay functionnality, which very usefull with netbook.
    Now, it totally powerfull in Firefox, I think it had to be integrated out of the box in FF. Bravisssssssiiiimmmmooooo and thank you !
  • Wonderful replacement to other context search extensions, plus has extra options to fine tune the menu and icons.
  • Essentially two addons in one and HIGHLY customizable.

    If you don't like the popup, you can just use it in the context menu. It also lets you define how new tabs are opened (load in current tab, open in new tab, open in tab next to this one, open in a new tab without switching to it...), and even define a middle-click setting as well.

    Protip: To import your browser search engines, you can press Shift+F2 to bring up the GCLI, and use the command "folder openprofile", then get the file it mentions. No need to hunt, and if you have multiple profiles no need to try and figure out which one is your actual one.
    Thank you for your review. :) I'm glad you like it! I also want to add that I didn't know about that command nor the shortcut, so I should thank you again for that tip. ;) Cheers!
  • When I first installed this the popup menu whenever I selected something was a surprise, but once I got used to it I decided it was really helpful. Now it's gone.

    This is probably related to the "web extension" change discussed on the add-on page but I don't really understand how that works, and even though there's a statement there saying "Your settings from previous versions are incompatible. You'll have to customize what you need again. :( " I see no instructions for how to do that, not there and not on the GitHub page. I switched to this after the context-menu search add-on I had stopped working; I guess it's time to find another one of those.
    Hi Meg! Sorry for the lack of instructions. I realize I might not have done well in that regard. You're right, the change to WebExtensions made it harder to access the search engines that you have in Firefox, so it's not automatic anymore and, therefore, definitely not as intuitive (I wish it was!).

    I'll make a note to improve this in the future. I'll also try to explain now. :)

    I couldn't understand if the popup was not appearing at all for you now, or if the problem was only that only a few engines appear now. For the second case:

    If you go to the add-ons page that has your Firefox extensions (Ctrl+Shift+A is the easy way to go there) and then open Swift Selection Search (SSS) you will be in the "options" page. You should see a lot of options below the add-on description, but the most important ones are at the top under "Search engines": the table of search engines and a button labeled [Select "search.json.mozlz4"] below it. That button lets you give SSS the file that contains the search engines present in Firefox itself. You have a few instructions to the right of the button on where to find this file. After that you should have your engines back, hopefully.

    If you have trouble with anything, you can contact me at daniel.rb.lobo+sss@gmail.com and I'll try to help. :)