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  • One of the best add-on on firefox. But I can't use the amazon search.I couldn't find the exact url to search text
    Hi! I've added Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk as example default engines just now in version 3.28.0, since I also find Amazon URLs to be hard to decipher. I suggest trying this URL:


    If you use other Amazon sites such as .co.uk, .de, .es, etc, you should be able to simply replace .com with that. :) I hope this helps and sorry that my reply comes so late!

    And thanks a lot for the review. Really appreciated. ;)

  • Эдакая замена Auto Context При выделении всплывает окно для Копирования, Открыть урл, Поиск, Перевод - есть настраиваемые пункты меню
  • Edit: pop-up disable does not work even though I set "When to open the popup" to "Off (never)". FF 70.0.1 64-bit

    Very handy extension which saves me tons of time
  • Superbe module! Très pratique. Très utile. Très personnalisable et très fiable!
    Bravo et merci ! ! !
  • I didn't know that I needed this add-on until I found it. IMHO, it is the best Firefox extension that I have ever seen. Very highly recommended, obviously.

    Incidentally, though the add-on works fine "as is", the dev is amazing in how quickly he responds to questions and suggestions. Just e-mail him at daniel.rb.lobo+sss@gmail.com, as AMO reviews are not the right place to ask for help.
    Wow, thank you, Defrilitus! Really appreciate the review and the praise. ;)
  • This is a Firefox "Featured Extension" for a good reason. I've tailored all my necessary 16 search engines with relative ease. Except for Twitter, which I'm still having trouble customizing. Easy 5 star extension! Thank you Daniel.
    Sorry for only replying now!

    I hope you got Twitter figured out. If not you can send me an email to daniel.rb.lobo+sss@gmail.com (reviews are bad for notifications) and I'll see if I can help. :) A simple Twitter search should work using:

    (Added quotes to be able to search for phrases more consistently.)

    Maybe you want to do something more complex, though.

    Thank you very much for the review! :)

  • Has saved me a milion clicks. Thank you.
  • Prático! Muito prático!
  • 6 stars minimum, it work wonderfull
  • Good job!
  • Thank you as always
    This is very wonderful
    Please correspond SHIFT JIS to search engine registration
  • Excellent!