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  • Excellent module
    C'est option inclue dans Opera me manquai
  • What's the difference between this add-on and the other version:

    Hi and thank you for the review! Well, I'm not aware of where the part of the URL that says "?src=hp-dl-promo" comes from, but it links to my add-on, so the link is the same and add-on is the same as well. No difference, I guess! :)

  • perfect, just as needed!
  • Wow this is the best search for Context menu! Context menu is the best for fast searching onmore page. Nice addon but then I found that every page use shortcut for open. This totaly garbage who will remember 20 shortcut or even more/less or old people. Context menu is very easy to use and fast. User select a word use "Left Click" select a page and he click "Right Click" totaly easy and fast

    Browsers are totaly garbage if borwsers didn`t have addons browsing will be very complicate!!! Something like this all browsers could have by default in years! Or multirow for tab I have and I use it from version I think 3.0. Withouw Multirow browsing will be very complicated and limited to up 10 tabs!

    I use Firefox 52.0.2 (64)

    Last version is totaly garbage no good features no even Tab Groups, All In One Sidebar , Multirow etc. Version 60+ is the worse version in histrory of Firefox Browser. The best Firefox version was 24.

    After version 24 was 25 Australis in this version Firefox lost alot and alot of good features for no reason. Users like the features, but Mozilla sill remove them really nice Mozilla.

    For last All Browsers are garbage they dont have any good features and only back / forward / refresh / Home and this is everything in 20 years of developing Browsers. This is sad really sad.

    Computers are powerfull and they can run 100 tabs and I can read names on tabs with Multirow but good luck do that without Multirow.

    Browsers could be alot and alot better easier and faster browsing.
  • Thank you for always using Swift Selection Search.
    Just like searching standard browsers
    Please convert the character code of the search word.
    Or, let me specify a character code for each search engine.
    I am very happy if you do it.
    I hope if you can respond if it is easy.
    Hey there! Thank you for the review and my apologies for the delay in responding.

    Unfortunately I couldn't understand what you mean by "character code of the search word". Can you give me an example or two? :) If you can, send me an email to daniel.rb.lobo+sss@gmail.com or write directly to here: https://github.com/CanisLupus/swift-selection-search/issues

  • Для меня без этого аддона очень трудно серфить, и вообще пользоваться браузером. мастхэв!
    Только я еле как нашел после переустановки - это замечание для разработчиков: добавьте побольше тегов для того, чтобы юзеры могли найти этот аддон легче
  • Extremely useful and flexible extension. I'm migrating from Google Chrome where I used extension Selections Search and was looking for something similar, and SSS is even more flexible.
  • Not mobile configured.
    popup menu would not close
    Did not show addon requested (pocket )
    Hello! Apologies for the delay in this reply.

    Indeed it's not available on mobile. Unfortunately, as it stands it would be too much work to get it working there, sorry!

    Could you tell me what happened in more detail? Have you tested SSS without other add-ons to see if the popup not closing could be related to another plugin? I've never encountered this, so it may be due to external reasons.

    I also couldn't understand what happened with Pocket. Can you explain what you tried to do? Thanks!

  • works perfectly, thanks!!!
  • Exactly what I've been looking for.
    Straightforward and simple.
  • Very good, convenient. Good number of options. Doesn't interfere with operations.

    I've found the 3 trifecta add-ons for convenient and powerful search are

    FlagFox (domain info/domain search)
    Switch Selection Search (text search)
    Image Search Options (reverse image search)

    All 3 are Customzable and you can add your own search engines.

    Please add javascript/bookmarklet support!
  • Haven't used it yet, but this looks to be a huge time saver and productivity booster!
  • this add-on makes touch experience with Firefox less annoying, only if you add paste icon option, that would be great