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  • works great in firefox
  • Just tried to install EN WebClipper, using Firefox 70.0.1, Windows 10, on a HP desktop PC. Won't install, and no help available. I have been using WC, even recently, and this is a sudden departure from a good product and service.
  • Does not work with Firefox 70. Previous version was not able to save PDFs. Please fix it, don't let us leave.
  • It's a great plugin, just that after firefox 69.0.0, the result of the capture in evernote, all the line height are messed up. In chrome version looks fine.
  • A opçao de captura do youtube nao esta funcionando. Por favor, consertem isso logo!
  • goed
  • Quite handy but the application keeps on running even after closing all programs, which is a PITA when you have your Evernote database saved on an external drive. When you want to disconnect your drive, it will remain "in use" by a ghost Evernote Clipper application, preventing you from safely removing. VERY ANNOYING.
  • Под Ubuntu не работает, только для Firfox для windows
  • The undefined error for Gmail messages in Firefox on the Mac has not been fixed. Super frustrating!
  • Doesn't work anymore. Cannot clip anything.
  • [update] the problem is fixed in FF70. Seems to have been a FF problem, as the extension is still v 6.13.3
    Was working well on win 10, until FF 69. No longer works, even when all protections are removed. Have seen others with same problem both here and on the Evernote forum. Tried reverting to three earlier versions. No joy. Clearly Evernote is not paying attention, as the last update shown is six months old.