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  • Web clipper is complete trash. I have to reload it with each new session. Every time. The only reason I didn't make the move to OneNote Online is because they don't have the topical tags I like using. If they did, I'd be gone because web clipper is embarrassing trash. Evernote should be ashamed of making crap like this.
  • can not use
  • Does not work at all for me with firefox. As soon as I try to clip a page I am logged off from my evernote account.
  • Useful but has some major irritants - each time it is used, it requires a sign in process, despite clicking the buttons for 30 days etc.
  • It doesn't work!
    The web clipper keeps telling me to log in my account (China server by default I guess), even though I have logged in my international account.
  • Doesn't work on some pages :(
  • It's broke, the PDF clipping function doesn't work any more :-(