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  • Nice little product. Does an excellent job and much better than others I have tried. The author spent time to develop a pleasing and intuitive interface.
  • I am a diabetic who rides my bicycle every day for exercise to keep my diabetes under control, I used to depend on an app from the Weather Channel and Intellicast to clue me in on local weather before heading out every morning. Then after Intellicast changed formats I couldn't get it to work anymore. Now after years of looking for a good weather addon for Firefox and now Chrome as well, I finally found one for both. Weather Extension is exactly what I have been looking for all along and then some. With it's hourly forecasts and the outstanding Mapbox interactive weather map, this one is definitely a keeper.

    Thank you, Tim!
  • Loved it before I went with pro. Love it even more now that I have pro.

    Responsive developer, which is always appreciated. Thank you!
  • My radar layer settings are always resetting to default. I'm a Pro user.
  • huge five to this guy...
  • So far I'm loving this great add on fro Firefox. Weather information at your fingertips! Great Job!
  • Easy to use! Great looking app and GUI.
  • This is the first time I have felt inclined to write a review for a browser addon.

    The Pro version of Weather Extension is so sexy it has me clicking several times a day just to see the animated icons and the stunning radar images.

    Not only is it the best looking extension I've seen but it is also the best weather app I've seen.

    Fantastic work! Thanks for your attention to details!
    Thank you JonNJen! Glad you are enjoying the extension. Great seeing reviews like this!
  • Number 1 Weather Extension App for firefox browser. Instant weather, gives alerts, maps and more. Very useful for weather reports and easy to operate. A feature worth noting is the Satellite icon that opens into an animated radar screen. Will use this extension every day.
    Thank you!
  • Really convenient addon. It shows me the weather right in one spot, with as much or as little detail as I want!
  • Incredibly useful weather extension that shows what you need without leaving your current web page(s).