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  • Before, I had to open a new site, key in my location, wait, to finally get the weather. Now, I glance to the top of my screen, and I have the data, in maybe a fifth of a second. Can't recommend highly enough.
  • The author was very helpful to Me .
    This extension really works wonderful.
    I highly recommend
  • Perfect!
  • Firefox is a better search engine than Edge, Google and Google Chrome
  • Sinceramente ótimo!
    Muito completo!
  • Love this addon. I use it at home and at work to track weather. I purchased the Pro version and I like the added features. I would recommend to anyone
  • Easy to use, accurate, customizable, and allows multiple locatons. Very light on system resources. Thank you!
  • Great add-on for Firefox.
  • I looked a long time for a weather app that had all the features I want. This one has it all! Easy to use and has the forecast, map, and even the "feels like" temperature that is missing from so many other weather apps & programs. Buy the pro for even more features.
  • I tried it and It looks fine. I could not try the advanced features because they are locked out and many of them would make it more attractive. One thing I noticed is that the temperature icon only shows the temperature. An additional icon that displayed the current weather conditions would be nice and may be in your animated icon. I personally would like at least two additional features. A 24-hour precipitation ac7umulation feature and a shortcut to the local weather radar. I once had a weather program that I liked but it eventually required a annual subscription and I discontinued using it but possibly your weather extension will take its place.
  • Just love it
  • Simple badge & icon in browser, with much more info on both mouseover and click. Brilliant.