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  • There are no options to change location, since the add-on is entirely IP based. The location it gave for me is several miles away on the other side of a ridge, and the weather is considerably different (hotter and dryer) than where I live.

    There are "for pay" options that would include weather alerts, which is something most other add-ons offer up front (since they're kind of important).

    It doesn't allow other locations to be added, either. It may be a work in progress, but it's not ready for prime time.
    Thanks for the feedback. You should be able to add a location using the location picker. Please email me at weatherextension@gmail.com and I will be happy to help.

    Thanks Tim
  • Super je, lepo urađen
  • It appears to be well written and quick, but what sets it apart is the interface is well designed - unobtrusive but presents pertinent information concisely. The internationalization support is impressive. The free version is fine for all I need, but the cost is so reasonable for the work that clearly went into it that I upgraded anyway.

    One suggestion for enhancement, if the developer has time and interest: offer a choice of weather sources, I find that the one used (darksky.net) is not as accurate for my location as others I've seen, it would be nice to be able to choose another.
  • O aplicatie excelenta! Precizie maxima!
  • Great addon!
    But B/W weather icons are not good, I like color weather icons for better understanding.
  • I might like it if I could find it. (20 minutes later) Ahhh ... never mind, I found it.
  • i like it it works great
  • It works very well and is very convenience where it is placed in the browser.
  • ¡Excelente!
  • Pretty accurate. Hasn't been wrong yet!
  • Absolutely a great weather extension....thanks Tim...great work!
  • Una muy útil extensión, liviana, sencilla, fácil de configurar. Un gran trabajo! :)