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  • The very best......puts our TV Weather to shame! Jerry H.
  • What a great extension, spot on.
  • Having personally experienced 4 national flooding disasters, I'm a weather geek. The Weather Extension by Tim is the most informative and user friendly means I have ever experienced to view the weather and I have almost every app available (including the all the paid ones). This is THE BEST EVER!!!!
  • The design is awesome and it works just like it should. WIth the Pro version its even better!
  • 1 of the best weather extensions. Pro version is very affordable & is a great value for the benefits you get with a pro version. Doesn't contain any ads or other junk like many of the apps like this do. Awesome job... :D
  • I've used several different weather extensions and was not a fan of any. Weather Extension by Tim Leland seems to be much better. I really like this extension because 1. it shows the temp on my bookmarks bar so I don't have to open the whole thing. 2. It is beautiful. and 3. because it seems to give me everything I could want in a weather app. It would be nice in the future if the notifications had sound availability. This leads me to my 4th like about this extension. I sent an email to the developer asking about sound. I had my answer the next day.

    I have not given 5 stars because I was just upgraded to the Pro version. Once I've played about with that for a bit, I'll re-review . So all in all a good solid extension. Give it try!
  • Love it - by far my favorite weather add-on i've ever used. The kind I personally would conjure up in my mind when trying others - no that's not sarcasm. You see most weather add-ons are bloated with crap you don't need and features very few would use most are on a thin line between useful and spyware/malware etc.

    This add-on does exactly what I want while being light and NOTHING MORE. How it should be.

    My only complaint is if you're like me and use 'dark mode' the free version doesn't look good / is barely readable - you're gonna need to pay up for a dark mode icon but its worth it imo.

    Thanks duder
  • The up to date notifications and good accurate radar coverage are great! I can check the weather quickly and without ever having to leave the webpage that I am viewing. I highly recommend this app.
  • I would like to have all the functions available for free, and not that I have to pay for them to have them!!! :-(
  • Очень стильно.
  • this is the best tools I use until now
  • really easy to use and is very handy
  • Clean, comprehensive, easy to navigate. A great alternative to Forecastfox (fix version), which I had used for years.
  • Muy buena interface, y la información que da es muy buena me ha gustado bastante
  • The beauty of simplicity. A right to the point uncomplicated add on that efficiently does exactly what it was designed for - to give you the weather. Definitely worth the nominal cost of the upgrade Weather Pro.
  • It give me all the info I need in an easy to use manner.
  • Does what it says on the tin, very well done extension that accurately tells the weather. You can't ask for more! Recommended!