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  • 至少定位准确
  • Best weather extension out there! Has all the bells and whistles and puts them to use in the most intuitive ways. The alerts are useful, but not intrusive, the information is accurate and always up to date.

    Most useful app I have! Get this one!
  • Love this app for its simplicity and accuracy!
  • Awesome addon, if you love to check the weather often as I do, and you want the info quick, this is the one for you. Plus the support is great, thanks Tim! :)
  • Weather Extension is a must-have addition to Firefox. It's a no brainer, it's free and it's very well designed and implemented. Installing it is one of the first things I do when I install Firefox! At a glance I can check today's weather by hour and the overview for the rest of the week. Perfect!
  • Excellent Weather App the best you can download and purchased to be updated in everything about weather
  • Only had it a short time and still finding all the marvelous features, but so far I love it and told my IT tech g-son about it and he loves it too!
  • we have a big snow coming starting tomorrow nite and then 100% chance Thursday (per Weather.gov and Weather.com), but Weather Extension says 50% chance at most. Same thing happened with a sizeable snow a couple days ago. This extension goes in the trash.
    Sorry to hear about this. Please email me weatherextension@gmail.com and I will look into the issue.

    Thanks Tim
  • Awesome - "Real Human".
  • Hi, on each time I boot up my notebook and start up Firefox, this add-on shows 0 degree until i press it...
  • So far this is the fastest and BEST add-on for me. I've tried others which were too slow, too limited. I hope Tim continues. And WHY NOT send him a cup o' coffee small donation monthly!
  • Needs options to change the CSS to see the temperature icon better with dark theme. I have seen developer's response to another review mentioning similar issue saying something about "Light Badge" setting. I have no idea what that setting is or where to find it. It doesn't appear to exist in FF. Dark theme is very important to me for eye fatigue. The app itself works very well but I'm giving it only two stars because the only reason I got it for is the temp icon so I wouldn't have to keep opening apps to check the current temp. Thus, sadly, the entire reason I got it for does not work well in dark themes.
    I want to get this corrected for you. The "Light Badge" setting with turn the icon white and will fix the issue with dark themes. Please send me an email: weatherextension@gmail.com
  • Whenever i ask Tim to apply my Pro benefits he's all over it and gets it done.

    The app, it's superb for a browser extension. No real need for any other weather apps now. I love this extension
  • Does EVERYTHING it claims, I've not encountered any problems yet. Probably won't. It's a great app and with the extension it goes from 'great' to awesome! Thanks so much, Tim.
  • This wonderful extension I am so glad lets me see as soon as possible what the temperature is here in Torrance as well as what the weather is for the next 5 days or so and gives all the readings on everything that is happening and when it cools down and so on. This extension on Firefox is wonderful to have just like having a weather companion. Thank you so much for putting this on Firefox keep up the great work Firefox, You all are fantastic. blessings and grace to all of you. I am indeed very impressed with this add on just what I have been looking for.
  • This is excellent.....just what I was searching for. I'm very impressed.