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  • This extension is great for getting a quick glance at the weather and shows both hourly and daily forecasts all in on glance. It also shows the current temperature in the toolbar!
  • Tim has done an excellent job with this app. His UI is clear and simple. The results fairly accurate - it is weather after all- his support is fast and spot on. He actually reads the support messages. For me, it's the best weather app! Thanks Tim!

    I forgot to mention: those 1 star reviewers are complaining that all functions should be free. I guess there are those who don't understand there's no free lunch. Besides, Tim ought to be compensated for his expertise! What they would know if they read for understanding is that Tim offers free upgrades from time to time.
  • Efficient and clear.
  • خوبه
  • The extension is OK, but I have paid for PRO and it has to be re-registered every time I restart my browser. Then the site sends me a new activation code every time.
  • love it.
  • Prompt support and extremely helpful. Been using this extension for a long time. Pro is definitely worth the upgrade!
  • Best chrome and firefox weather forecast extension. Period!
  • Best weather extension I've used.
  • La extensión etá fabulosa, la recomiendo. No sé si pasa a más gante pero la función de actualizar la ubicación no funciona en Firefox (en Chrome si funciona). Si has comprado licencia, no se sincroniza en Firefox, en Chrome sí.
  • Accurate and attractive, a good addition to my browser!
  • I have been with Tim since the beginning when Firefox changed over to Quantum. My original add-on "died" because I went to Quantum and I was looking for a new go to weather add-on and I found it with Tim. A lot of information at a glance, but also by way of mouseover that displays even more detail about that part of the day and day. Great work Tim. Glad you made this extension!