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  • ThankYouThankYouThankYou! I've been searching for multiple addons to replace some of the functionality from TMP and this helps tremendously!
  • Before Firefox turned to crap, most necessary features were contained in Tab Mix Plus. Now people have to scrape them piece by piece. This is one of those pieces, neat, useful and well done (insofar as the current broken and buggy system allows).
  • It is a very useful add-on that makes my browsing experience far better. I wish such customisation was built-in to Firefox.
  • Works as expected. I'm very happy now.
  • it's works on FF 57.0.3.Thanks !
  • Generally works fine but flashing, when switching from a tab selected by default, sometimes can be really annoying.
    And if the default selection is taken from a youtube's tab, it still starts playing the video.

    I understand that most likely FF doesn't provide any better way to do this in the moment but that's an issue nevertheless.
    Yes, there is no better way. There is a related active Firefix request: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1419947 . I hope the solution 2, which allows extensions to override the default switching, can be accepted.
  • no way to configure the addon? where are the options?! "After installing you can configure this extension by clicking Preferences/Options of it in the Add-ons Manager. The buttons represent the order of preference: e.g. if "left tab" is at the top and "last accessed tab" is the second, after closing the current tab it will try to select the left tab, and then the last accessed tab (if there is no tab on the left). Click the up and down icons to modify the order."

    nope not true and there's a typo that doesn't make any sense "clicking Preferences/Options of it in the Add-ons Manager." of it in? whats that supposed to mean

    new version wont install on ff56 and beta version is bugged such that i cant open the addon manager from the toolbar button have to use bookmark as a workaround
    It means "in the Add-ons Manager, this addon's line, click Options." This opens the addons' detail page, and the options are under the description. If the options are not shown, refresh the page.
    I just tested 2.0rc4 on Firefox 56.0.1, and the addon manager toolbar button works. As a Firefox-Quantum-compatible extension, this extension has no ability to block the browser's built-in features such as the addon manager button.
  • 非常感谢!
  • Restoring closed tabs doesn't work correctly (the restored tab position is incorrect) if https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/open-tabs-next-to-current/ is also enabled.

    Correction: "Open Tabs Next to Current" extension is responsible for the bug.
    It seems that the problem also exists with only open-tabs-next-to-current enabled and this extension disabled. I suggest reporting it to open-tabs-next-to-current.
  • 抱歉我总算是找到修改地方了,麻烦下次把选项修改提示做明显一点,谢谢
  • doesn't work, left tab is always selected regardless of settings
  • 需要在选项里面勾掉里面的复选框才好用
  • Здравствуйте.
    Спасибо Вам за Вашу работу!
    Ваше дополнение работает отлично. Скажите, можете ли Вы добавить такую функцию: открыть новую вкладку справа от текущей (активной) вкладки? Сейчас новая вкладка открывается в конце всех вкладок. Это очень неудобно. Открываю закладку и приходится искать, где же она там открылась, приходится ее перетаскивать, чтобы было удобнее.
    Вот в этом дополнении новая вкладка открывается справа от текущей вкладки: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-open-close-control/, но в нем после закрытия вкладки происходит перемещение не на левую вкладку, а на последнюю активную, которая может быть где угодно.
    С уважением, Владимир.

    Thank you for your work!
    Your add-on works fine. Tell me, can you add this function: open a new tab to the right of the current (active) tab? Now a new tab opens at the end of all tabs. It is very uncomfortable. I open the bookmark and I have to look for where it opened, I have to drag it to make it more convenient.
    Here in this add-on a new tab opens to the right of the current tab: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-open-close-control/, but in it after closing the tab there is a move not to the left tab, and the last active, which can be anywhere.
    Sincerely, Vladimir.
    Try this add-on: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/open-tabs-next-to-current/
  • Amazing, this is how Firefox tabs should work by default.

    The addon is easy to use and there is no extra bs.

    Thanks jingyu9575.
  • 好用!不过在关闭标签时总是会闪一下,先闪现右侧标签的页面内容,然后才切到左侧标签,希望继续改进。
  • Now it's just perfect.


    Need option to switch to sibling tabs. I.e. it can achieve something like switch to sibling first, if there is no sibling, switch to opener etc. (Chrome behavior)
    It is already in version 2.0rc3. Look for "See all beta versions" or "Development Channel".
  • This is the way the tab should work!
  • This is the first addon I found that does what I want and works with FF57! This should be built into Firefox though :(
  • Where is the "Preferences of it in the Add-ons Manager" you refer to? I have installed successfully the add on but I cano not fine the settings anywhere, in the adons manager when I click options I just get the basic info
    See the screenshot. It should be under the basic info; try scrolling down.
  • 在设为“打开左侧标签页”,有时会跳到“最近的标签页”。
    测试发现Firefox 56受到火狐的Bug 1366290影响,有时会检测不到事件。该Bug在火狐57中修复。

  • The only thing that bugs me with this addon is that it seems to select the tab to the right of closing tab for a split second before switching to my preferred tab. This is only really noticeable when either using a tab suspender addon or having firefox set to not load all tabs on startup.

    Other than that it does exactly what it promises to do. Simple and functional.

    Edit: My complaint above is a restriction in firefox as per the devs response. This changes my review to 5/5 as it is in all other aspects perfect. Good job!
    It's because Firefox 57+ compatible extensions cannot access Firefox's internal working, so the browser's default selection cannot be prevented. This extension can only fix it afterwards.
  • This should receive five stars for functionality and simplicity. However, the selected tab switches erratically when clsing the last tab of a node with Tree Tabs. (I guess I'm being a little picky)
    I have downloaded Tree Tabs but cannot reproduce the bug.

    In Tree Tabs Settings there is also an option "after closing active tab, activate...", which may cause conflict. Could you try setting this to "let browser handle which tab to activate" and see if it works?

    If the problem still exists, open an issue here:
    Please share your settings and steps to reproduce e.g. this extension's setting order is ..., that option of Tree Tabs is ... , open tabs in this way ... , and when closing tab ..., I expect ... activates but ... activates instead. Thank you!
  • Thank you!