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  • Works as expected, but...: Configured to activate left tab. After closing tab it shows for a moment another tab before activating left tab. Very unpleasant and tires the eyes. If add-on is disabled then activating relevant tab after closing a tab works nice and without such glitches.
    The tab that Firefox selects by default may be selected and shown briefly. This is because Firefox 57+ compatible extensions cannot access Firefox's internal working, so the browser's default selection cannot be prevented. This extension can only fix it afterwards.

    This is being worked on by a Firefox contributor, and hopefully it will be fixed in Nightly soon.
  • Please leave a message if there is any problem; there was a major update last week.
  • This add-on does exactly what I was looking for.

    Kind of shame on Mozilla to have an add-on needed for that, it should be built in and configurable by the user.

    The default behavior (activate right tab after closing current) is just nonsense and bothered me much.

    I'm glad I've found this, thank you!
  • I have issue with this addon working together with Simple Tab Groups (by Drive4k).

    Occasionaly, when switching between tab groups, last selected tab (I mean current active tab) "moves" to switched group and "stays" there as last tab.

    I was unable to reproduce this reliably to find exact cirquimstances.

    Disabling either of these two addons of course removes the issue.

    Update: I have figured this issue out.

    When I switch from group A to group B and then right away close active tab in this B group - I am switched back to A group. That works like it should be: last active tab becomes that one in A group.

    But if I switch back to group B again - then any active tab from A "moves" to group B.

    Disabling your addon resolves this issue.
    I reported this issue to Simple Tab Groups, and the developer has fixed it in v3.3.2.

    Edit: v3.3.3 seems to have this problem again. I have reported the regression.
    Edit: v3.3.4 fixed it.
  • This addon lets you correct one of Firefox's bigger usability problems: the unpredictability of which tab will be selected when you close a tab. It also does so with the minimum necessary permissions, which in an age of spying browser addons is something to appreciate.

    Firefox keeps some internal info about which tabs are 'children' of 'parent' tabs, and depending whether you have clicked around in the tab bar or not, may choose to activate some 'peer' of the closing tab rather than one adjacent to the closing tab. But this information is not communicated to the user at all, the tab bar appears to be just a list of tabs! I'm fairly technically literate and I find this behaviour stunningly confusing, I can only imagine how frustrating this must be to less technical users. I'm not even sure that this description of how it works is 100% right, and I've spent some time looking into it!

    In my opinion, Firefox's closing order for tabs without parent-child relationships (selecting the tab to the right) is also wrong. When you open a new tab, it is opened on the right. It only makes sense that closing a tab would select the tab to the left, taking you back toward where you began. The fault doesn't lie entirely with Firefox though, this is also Chrome's behaviour, and the Firefox team must feel much pressure to keep their interface consistent with the competition to make switching easy.

    But I digress. These are small user interface issues, but minor details like this can have major impact on the user experience. Kudos to the author for making this extension.

    The only flaw is that, when configured to select the tab to the left, there is a brief flash where the tab to the right is selected before switching to the tab to the left. I presume that this is due to a limitation of the current extension API, where the extension reacts to the tab closed event after the tab is gone and Firefox has already made its default next tab selection, and that nothing can be done to fix it. Unfortunate, but not a deal breaker!

    Users who care about tab opening behaviour are also encouraged to check out an about:config option added in Firefox 60, which positions new tabs to the right of the opening tab (instead of to the right of the current peer tabs, or at the end of the tab strip entirely):

    browser.tabs.insertAfterCurrent = true
  • None of these add-ons works without activating the right tab when the active tab is closed. Also you can see the change from the right to the left tab at almost every close of the active tab.
    It is because the current version of Firefox does not allow that.
    Things are getting better; a Firefox contributor ryan.hendrickson is working on improving Firefox's APIs. Once it is ready, probably in Firefox 65 (2019-01-29), extensions can fix this problem.
  • Now this, is what I have been longing for!
  • 非常好的插件!


    比如我只想跳到没有浏览过unread的子页面或者兄弟页面,不想转到其他非子页面或者兄弟页面的unread, 就是把现有的条件自定义组合一下,这个功能可以实现吗?
    版本 4.0b1 支持在关系中选择未读子标签页、未读同级标签页。
  • Elastic and powerful.
  • This extension does what I needed: focus on the previously selected tab after closing a tab.
  • 設定關閉後顯示左邊分頁,可是如果左邊的分頁還沒有載入,會跳到另一個分頁群組的最後一個開啟的分頁,變成要一直切換分頁群組
    是的,simple tab groups
    2018/9/3 火狐6103版本無法使用了

    Edit: 版本 4.0b1 添加选项:跳过隐藏标签页。可在所有行打开这个选项,防止跳到其他群组。
    目前 63.0.1 测试可用。如果问题难以解决,建议:1. 移除、重装这个扩展;2. 刷新配置文件(注意备份数据、设置和扩展)。
  • 有个小问题,比如最近访问的标签页与我当前标签页的左(右)边隔了好几个,在我关闭当前标签页时,它会先跳到当前标签页的左(右)边第一个,然后才跳到最近访问的标签页
  • Great extension, thanks! We're slowly clawing back some of the functionality we used to enjoy in the pre-FF57 Tab Mix Plus.

    I love that you can use shortcut keys, although it took me a long time to figure out how to do this on the options page (you first have to define the shortcut key at the bottom, and then select the shortcut key in the "After closing the current tab, try selecting in this order" section).

    I have "last accessed tab" as my first preference and Ctrl+Q bound to "right tab", so if I want to close the tab and select the last accessed tab, I press Ctrl+W (the default key for closing a tab), but if I want to close the tab and select the right tab, I press Ctrl+Q. This works really well. (I would have preferred Ctrl+E, but that does the same as Ctrl+L and can't be overridden, it seems.)
    Yes the options page may be confusing. The shortcuts section is provided by a library, so the style is different and the settings are separated in two places.

    Built-in shortcuts can not be modified by extensions now. Relevant feature request for Firefox: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1325692
  • it is good, but i don't know what order to make it work like it used to with Tab Mix Plus on FF 55.
    The default setting of Tab Mix Plus seems to be "Opener/right tab" on Waterfox 56. For this behavior, set the 1st line to "First - Parent tab", 2nd line to "Right - tab", 3rd line to "Last - tab".
  • Brilliant,it simply makes Firefox so much more logical to use...for me anyway.

    Just a heads up - It works perfectly with Firefox 60.1 64bit,but ahem...'upgrading' to 60.2 it loses functionality,so I've reverted back to 60.1
    That is strange. I just tested on 60.0.2 but did not find any problem.
    Another user reported that upgrading to Firefox 61 broke this extension[1]. It turned out to be profile corruption and deleting the extension's config file fixed it for them.

    [1] https://github.com/jingyu9575/select-after-closing-current/issues/8
  • 你好,我在Gesturefy扩展中发现它的更改标签页行为不会闪一下。


    参考代码:https://github.com/Robbendebiene/Gesturefy/blob/67b20470387e7de80e38ff7cdb303a6537fde3ac/src/lib/actions.js#L72 接收到手势后,先执行了chrome.tabs.update(切换),后进行chrome.tabs.remove(关闭)。
  • This is the only thing I was missing with TMP not working in Quantum, and this extension solves the problem for me without having to use bloated TMP. Thanks a lot.