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FoxBleed No Restart

Checks the websites you are visiting whether they are affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability.

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8.737 users
Đã thêm April 8, 2014

Salesforce inspector No Restart

Adds a buttons to show data and metadata details on Salesforce standard details pages.

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1 user
Đã thêm April 1, 2014

Tanaguru Contrast-Finder No Restart

Speed and ease the use of Contrast-Finder to find good colors for contrasts in web accessibility (a11y). Right-clic on a given part of text, select whether you want to improve the foreground or background color, and validate.

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4 users
Đã thêm March 31, 2014

mussumipsum No Restart

This is a funny "Lorem Ipsum" plugin about famous Brazilian humorous actor and musician called Mussum. (

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1 user
Đã thêm March 29, 2014

Zaqwes Edit Page No Restart

make page editable

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7 users
Đã thêm March 24, 2014

Shortest URL shortener ever No Restart

Shortest URL shortener ever shortens the current page's URL and copies it to the clipboard with a single click.

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52 users
Đã thêm March 20, 2014

GitHub Selfies No Restart

Selfies! For GitHub! Hooray!

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37 users
Đã thêm March 19, 2014

SeLite Auto Check

SeLite Auto Check - Selenium IDE Core extension. It runs custom/customisable validation on the tested website after every Selenese step.

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7 users
Đã thêm March 17, 2014

Fire Resizer

Windows resizer extension

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12 users
Đã thêm March 15, 2014

HideScrollbars No Restart

"Hide Scrollbars" add-on removes scrollbars for those who prefer mouse wheel and keyboard navigation.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (2)
155 users
Đã thêm March 14, 2014


Javascript execution trace utility. This extension allows you to log some or all javascript function calls within web pages to a log file. You may then use standard operating system tools to view, search and diff the log files.

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3 users
Đã thêm March 11, 2014

Twitter Bootstrap 3 Helper No Restart

Simple extension that inform about actual displaying column (xs, sm, md, lg) of Twitter Bootstrap 3.

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23 users
Đã thêm March 10, 2014

Simple password generator No Restart

simplest password generator

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269 users
Đã thêm March 8, 2014

Selenium IDE - SelBench

This is an extension for Selenium IDE that provides a collection of utilities for testing, validating, and benchmarking Selenium IDE scripts. This is especially useful for instrumenting scripts that are used to test Selenium IDE extensions.

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16 users
Đã thêm March 7, 2014

online-dictionary No Restart

Add on to show meaning of selected word.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (3)
36 users
Đã thêm March 7, 2014

Sepsis Inspector

A general-purpose inspector for all Mozilla toolkit applications.

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6 users
Đã thêm March 4, 2014

Barcode Generator No Restart

Create any Barcode from any data, with just a single click. Save it for later use.

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33 users
Đã thêm February 25, 2014

TypeScript Playground No Restart

Handy TypeScript Playground integration within the browser. (Right click to convert TypeScript code on the web and remix it!)

Simply find a TypeScript sample, select the code, right click the selection and click on "TypeScript to JS".

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200 users
Đã thêm February 18, 2014

MediaWiki Version Check No Restart

Check what version of MediaWiki a web page is powered by.

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12 users
Đã thêm February 18, 2014

My IMToolbar

Provides quick access to common IMVU pages and functions.

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8 users
Đã thêm February 17, 2014