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  • Very good
  • Not work ... if change to amazon.es ... closed. Only work with amazon.com
  • I have tried to get this to work several times on several different versions of Firefox over the last year or so, and it NEVER works. I just get a grey screen.
    UPDATE - I contacted Amazon and they said that the Assistant does NOT work with Firefox Quantum 10/1/18
  • Gut
  • great tool for finding the best prices and keeping abreast of daily deals and your orders
  • Kapiert einfach nicht, dass da ein Deutscher Browser in Deutschland ist!?
    Ich habe es seit Jahren und es zeigt mir immer nur das Amerikanischen Amazon an.
    Einfach nur erbärmlich!
    Nachtrag: Nach weiteren unzähligen Monaten des Nichtfunktionieren entferne ich jetzt die App aus meinem Browswer. Vielen Dank an Amazon für immer wieder schlechte Laune deswegen!
  • Die Meldungen zum Status meiner gekauften Artikel ist ja ganz nett, aber meist sind irgendwelche neuen Angebote verantwortlich, weshalb das Icon rot wird. Die angebotenen Produkte sind für mich vollkommen unbrauchbar und damit uninteressant.

    Fazit: Nervt mehr als es hilft. Ich werde es jetzt deinstallieren.
  • Poor. Did not load for U.K.
  • yes
  • It loaded once, but didn't show any of my orders. I checked the settig and saw it was set to US so I tried changing to UK. It the crashed and will not load anymore. I get an error code:
    Error code: ext103 f1b41d2a-75f5-4a40-b511-e902e6b07a7f
  • Error code: ext103 38f54c60-cb3d-4e4c-a802-1b6629902f29
  • It worked for a while but it no longer loads. Just a grey box. You can't use this extension to Add to Wishlist, which is the precise reason I got it. It's horrible.
  • unable to change from usa to any other locale. as i dont live in usa or use usa site this addon is useless.

    DOES NOT WORK !!!!!!!!!

    shame yuo cant give less than one star..
  • Doesn't want to work.
  • whatever i do on firefox quantum 62.0 i cannot change the marketplace from USA to UK , the little icon keep spinning and does not change the language
  • Fehlercode Error code: ext103 01ba576f-2c66-4bd8-bd00-2e07366dccfd
  • Has stopped working in Firefox .. If i select US it works but if i try to use UK where i live or in fact any other country all i get is a grey box and an error...as at present it is totally useless
  • Amazon Amazing!
  • Used to work great, and I loved adding stuff from other sites to my amazon wishlist, but now it just loads a grey box and doesn't work.
  • It's simple to install with just one click, no issues appear during the installation.