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  • Every single time I try to open the extension I always get the same error (for Italian store): Error code: ext103 bddb9817-e6df-495c-8b11-f71f6e2724d9
  • Funktioniert nicht. Error code: ext103
  • First impressions, after installation: maybe nine out of ten attempts to begin using the extension failed at the first step with an invitation to close and reset.

    Eventually I got something like a menu but beneath the menu was blank.

    I tried to change a preference, my locale, it failed.

    I chose to disable the extension.
  • Beim auswählen von Deutsch erscheint Error code: ext103, Lösung bisher: keine :-(
  • Sono anni che riprovo ad installarlo, non ha mai funzionato.
  • Funktioniert auf Deutsch nicht. Lädt sich in einer endlos schleife tot. Unbrauchbar. Unter Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera usw funktioniert es nur hier nicht. Schade.
  • Não tem suporte à Amazon Brasil e ainda assim o bookmarklet dela (adicionar à wishlist da amazon) foi desabilitado por causa dessa @#$% dessa extensão inútil.
  • Hängt sich auf beim Umschalten auf Deutsch: Error code: ext103
  • I prefer to look at various websites without Amazon Assist hovering right above the website I am currently viewing. It is more of a distraction than help for me particularly since I view many sites looking for the same item or comparable.
  • It was very useful.
  • No good. When first used defaulted to US Amazon. When UK selected, failed to load displayed:- Error code: ext103 eebf7231-ca3e-4d2c-a936-13c62b2af147
  • Facilité d'utilisation
  • amazon is a great company to do buisness with. the book selection on the kindle unlimited is very good, and I have become an avid reader again at 73;
  • It doesn't work!!!
    Error code: ext103 9c687ee7-4850-4a40-b721-3dff1bd54e3f
  • This is spyware. I enable it when I want to add an item that Amazon doesn't sell to my Amazon wish list (this app is the only way I know to do that, and it's convenient to have a single to-buy list in one place). I disable it immediately after setting the bookmark.
  • Was hard to down load
  • Sehr gut, ich möchte es nicht missen.
  • This add=on worked perfectly until two days ago. Now it won't even load. I have uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times, but it just won't open in the firefox browser. Forget actually getting help from anyone at amazon, their help button is useless. They need to bring back the old wisk list button of=r figure out a way to make this work.
  • Doesn't play nice with Firefox. Just spins and show blank white box. Useless for Firefox users.