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  • Poor. Did not load for U.K.
  • yes
  • It loaded once, but didn't show any of my orders. I checked the settig and saw it was set to US so I tried changing to UK. It the crashed and will not load anymore. I get an error code:
    Error code: ext103 f1b41d2a-75f5-4a40-b511-e902e6b07a7f
  • Error code: ext103 38f54c60-cb3d-4e4c-a802-1b6629902f29
  • It worked for a while but it no longer loads. Just a grey box. You can't use this extension to Add to Wishlist, which is the precise reason I got it. It's horrible.
  • unable to change from usa to any other locale. as i dont live in usa or use usa site this addon is useless.

    DOES NOT WORK !!!!!!!!!

    shame yuo cant give less than one star..
  • Doesn't want to work.
  • whatever i do on firefox quantum 62.0 i cannot change the marketplace from USA to UK , the little icon keep spinning and does not change the language
  • Fehlercode Error code: ext103 01ba576f-2c66-4bd8-bd00-2e07366dccfd
  • Has stopped working in Firefox .. If i select US it works but if i try to use UK where i live or in fact any other country all i get is a grey box and an error...as at present it is totally useless
  • Amazon Amazing!
  • Used to work great, and I loved adding stuff from other sites to my amazon wishlist, but now it just loads a grey box and doesn't work.
  • It's simple to install with just one click, no issues appear during the installation.
  • Does not work on mac
  • Love It.
  • Not support Quantum. :-(
  • Amazing Add On :)
  • unable to change from US to France. I only get an error code: Error code: ext103.
    I uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times, but no success to get it working.
    Not helpful extension
  • OK
  • Installed but refuses to load. Clicking the button just shows a blank white box with a progress circle animation that spins forever.
    location : U.K.