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  • this is nice app for top suggetion and deal

  • Very Nice add-on. Shows all top deals of the day.
    Loving it.

  • So many mixed reviews but personally i've found Amazozn Assistant to work great. It's always updating me with offers and i've been able to make some great savings since I first downloaded it. Thanks!

  • overall a good experience; very helpful.

  • Does not work with Firefox on Windows 10. A tall, narrow window opens with the half concealed message "Hi I'm Amazon Assi". It does not respond and no button is visible to click on. Worthless.

  • Includes a lot of unnecessary rubbish, when all I want is the ability to add items to my wishlist. I also suspect this is being used to monitor my internet usage.

  • Simply never works. I've tried installing this several times over the past 6 months. I've tried with and without the add-ons.

    -Dell Inspiron
    -Win-10 Home, Vers 1709 64 bit
    -16GB ram
    -FireFox vers 57.0.1 64 bit
    -FireFox add-ons:
    Clear Flash Cookies

    Reference ID: bff8e025-b7a0-4255-ab61-4409b2699cbf
    Error code: ext102

  • Not interested in having a button notify me for ads, I would much rather have the Amazon shopping cart button back. This button is no replacement and a real pita even with editing...but that's all we have at the present.

  • Don't install it. It is invading privacy...

  • Ha funzionato per una settimana, poi sempre questo errore:

    Error code: ext103 bca5ccc4-f24d-4f8d-b076-e8f28c795b49

  • The app helps in suggesting the deals and that could be interesting to us. Easy to install & use. I don't need to open another tab to check my orders & status now. :)

  • I'm more than a little angry at this unnecessary bs. I don't want or need any of this extra "functionality," aka "invasion of privacy/slow/non-working product". The fact that Firefox no longer supports the wishlist button is nearly rage inducing. I just want to add items to my wishlist, not have Amazon collect more data on me. Give me back my wishlist button.

  • Love it, makes the shopping easier, I can watch the deal without going on Amazon

  • Ohne Funktion. Kein Quantum Trost.

  • Doesn't work. Just waits forever trying to load. One time I managed to time out and get an email link to assistantfeedback@amazon.com and was able to send them a message telling them it doesn't work. Of course, the problem might be in the address. It's .com I'm in the UK.

  • Very helpful while shopping, gets consolidated search, no hassle of shifting and checking the items in multiple tabs

  • junk,notworking

  • Just started and I sure hope your a lot better then the morons at Amazon

  • Doesn't work

  • Don"t work with Firefox 57...

  • It shows the best deals and offers of the day in my country.

  • Awesome app

  • It is very convenient to check the prices of the product. It is easily accessible even when we are working on a Window.

  • And then I found...

    Great tool to browse stuff when you have a moment.

  • I've never been able to get this extension to work in Firefox, it works fine in Chrome, but the old wish list button extension worked just fine.