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  • Pros: Easy to keep track of the delivery and watch list.

    Cons: Only service restricted regions.
  • Just downloaded the Amazon Assistant app and am very exited to use it. Have heard about it from a peer and the initial use was great.
  • Very good easy to use
  • Fantastic! easy to use.
  • One of the most useless and irritating apps I was foolish enough to install. It resisted all attempts to remove it until I discovered I0Bit Advanced system care.
  • Leider muss man einen Stern vergeben - eigentlich wären es NULL Sterne. Dieses Addon ist völlig unbrauchbar, wenn man Bestellungen auf anderen Plattformen als amazon.com aufgibt - die werden einfach nicht angezeigt. Sehr seltsam für ein angeblich globales Unternehmen ...
  • Nach Sprachumstellung... nur gehler läuft seit Tagen nicht mehr

    Error code: ext103 e4889ea5-bdfa-48d2-bf39-8fd5e0f86dea
  • No funciona para España, se queda colgado. Does not work for Spain, it gets stuck.
  • Solo funciona para la página USA, al intentar cambiar a Amazon España se queda colgado. Ya me ha pasado varias veces con Firefox Quantum 64, 64 bits, asi que voy a eliminar la extension.
  • I wanted this add-on. I clicked the button for this add-on. Then it switched me the Amazon France ... because me and my computer are in France. BUT WHY DOES IT THINK I UNDERSTAND FRENCH JUST BECAUSE MY COMPUTER AND ME ARE IN FRANCE AT THE MOMENT? Why swtich languages? We were getting along very well in English; why not keep to what was working ... English?
    Over 18 years in spending lots of money on Amazon ... ALL in English.
    So now I do not have this add-on. No big loss for me.
  • please include Amazon Turkey / amazon.com.tr
  • used this with chrome was little glitchy but wth fire fox seems more stable.
    Keep up the good work.
  • Ne marche que sur .com
    Work only on .com ...
  • Cette extension ne semble pas fonctionnelle dès que l'on passe sur Amazon France. Cela la rend tout bonnement inutile dans le cas d'un utilisateur français.
  • Doesn't work unless you want to be on the American site. Will not let me change to UK, just say the is an error, which is obvious. I've now installed and reinstalled six times, still doesn't work!
  • Doesn't work
  • Very usefull!
  • Damit es funktioniert, müssen Einstellungen im Firefox geöffnet werden:
    "Was blockiert werden soll:"
    "Alle erkannten Elemente zur Aktivitätenverfolgung"
    - entweder ausschalten oder auf "nur private Fenster" setzen.