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  • Non funziona appena cambio paese e seleziono "Amazon ITA". Codice errore: Error code: ext103 da53c153-3618-4007-adec-7f55cf3f97e5
    Non ci siamo proprio
  • Hängt sich auf beim umschalten auf eine andere Sprache
  • Ogni tanto riprovo ad installarlo sperando in un miglioramento, ma non ha mai funzionato in italiano...
  • Every single time I try to open the extension I always get the same error (for Italian store): Error code: ext103 bddb9817-e6df-495c-8b11-f71f6e2724d9
  • Funktioniert nicht. Error code: ext103
  • First impressions, after installation: maybe nine out of ten attempts to begin using the extension failed at the first step with an invitation to close and reset.

    Eventually I got something like a menu but beneath the menu was blank.

    I tried to change a preference, my locale, it failed.

    I chose to disable the extension.
  • Beim auswählen von Deutsch erscheint Error code: ext103, Lösung bisher: keine :-(
  • Sono anni che riprovo ad installarlo, non ha mai funzionato.
  • Funktioniert auf Deutsch nicht. Lädt sich in einer endlos schleife tot. Unbrauchbar. Unter Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera usw funktioniert es nur hier nicht. Schade.
  • Não tem suporte à Amazon Brasil e ainda assim o bookmarklet dela (adicionar à wishlist da amazon) foi desabilitado por causa dessa @#$% dessa extensão inútil.
  • Hängt sich auf beim Umschalten auf Deutsch: Error code: ext103
  • I prefer to look at various websites without Amazon Assist hovering right above the website I am currently viewing. It is more of a distraction than help for me particularly since I view many sites looking for the same item or comparable.
  • It was very useful.
  • No good. When first used defaulted to US Amazon. When UK selected, failed to load displayed:- Error code: ext103 eebf7231-ca3e-4d2c-a936-13c62b2af147
  • Facilité d'utilisation
  • amazon is a great company to do buisness with. the book selection on the kindle unlimited is very good, and I have become an avid reader again at 73;
  • It doesn't work!!!
    Error code: ext103 9c687ee7-4850-4a40-b721-3dff1bd54e3f
  • This is spyware. I enable it when I want to add an item that Amazon doesn't sell to my Amazon wish list (this app is the only way I know to do that, and it's convenient to have a single to-buy list in one place). I disable it immediately after setting the bookmark.
  • Was hard to down load