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  • Take it from one who knows: it's the worst. corrupted my master PW, zero support, no phone #. I had to start from scratch. 1541 Ffoxers give it at 1. If we could give negative numbers, it would be -5 or below.
    Don't say we didn't warn you.
  • Lastpass is great. I do not know what i would do without it!
  • I use all my passwords for this
  • It's just not auto filling. And it brings up other email, not the one I want.
  • 刪除中文語系,差評!
  • 取消中文是作死吗
  • I have had to remove this extension because it no longer works properly. There is, however, a Firefox browser version of the LastPass extension available for download at the author's website that works without any problems. I have reported this to Firefox via the extension's page on Mozilla, but I find no way to report it to LastPass.
  • Having issues with LastPass extension and Amazon, where if you are logged into LastPass (you do not need to be logged into Amazon), the extension will fill Amazon's search bar with an item I've never looked for before. If every time you change page within Amazon, the same search is typed into the Amazon search bar, making Amazon unusable. This goes away if you remove LastPass or are not logged into LastPass.

    As a premium customer, I sent several support emails and they came back to me with useless support recommendations. This occurs on different computers and browsers with LastPass browser extensions.

    Ever since Logmein took over, I've had more issues with LastPass than I remember (mostly not being able to log in). I am looking for a different password manager.
  • LastPass is by far the best password manager. It's free, fast, and super secure, and their support is always ready to help and I can't say enough good things about them. Good job LastPass! :^)
  • Why delete Chinese? We need Chinese