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  • В течении долгого времени при запуске браузера выдаётся сообщение о необходимости обновить менеджер, однако после нажатия на кнопку обновления вылетает всплывающее окно с индикатором загрузки обновления, которое так и висит часами с бесконечной индикацией прогресса, а само обновление так и не происходит.
    Кроме этого пропала возможность сменить язык интерфейса на русский.
    За что мы ежегодно платим деньги???
  • It is so useful, save me a lot of time
  • Makes on-line safety much easier.
  • awesome!
  • Yesterday's update broke the login button. Please fix.
  • Gruselig, die App hängt sich auf sobald ich mich anmelde. Da bekomme ich Zweifel.
  • Yes, I accept the permissions!!!!!!!!!
    Of course, I do, for crying out loud!!!!!!!!
    Do you have to ask each + every time I start up my browser??????
    Apparently, you do........ which as you may sense, I find this to be a nagging inconvenience, a button that when pressed triggers a reaction, one that is variable + relates directly + is dictated by, my current mood, blood pressure, + phase of the moon.
    Consequently, what can transpire, following the Last Pass stimuli, ranges from mid-table annoyance, vocal outbursts of challenging, exotic language, all the way up to a near psychotic break + violent rage event.......... if I'm having a bad day, for example!
    You know what I mean, I'm sure....... it's the sort of thing that bugs you + really tries your patience......... Presuming you have any, of course...... which I'm not + I don't!
    Last Pass is better than nothing, + I say that without hesitation.......... or, very little........ so little it's hardly worth mentioning....... but I thought I should....... it is a review, after all........ tell it like it is, yeah?......... What I've said is real, brothers + sisters, it's us + them......... they're not going to tell you, I've told you how it is for me + that's all I've told you.........
    That's your lot, for which you are most welcome............
  • LastPass is a great password manager. It's very handy tool to save and manage my passwords. Very cool features, to me the major downside is it's big performance impact. Ever since I've been using it, I've seen my YouTube videos stuttering at times when it's playing, having trouble playing HD video content, timeline scrubbing is very problematic, and it's even not stuck only to playing Video Content. When I'm using Facebook/Messenger, the website becomes very sluggish, reaction selectors, or even the option to edit the background of a text only post is very delayed (and no my Internet is not the problem). If LastPass makes an update that improves its performance, I would reconsider re-enabling it.