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  • Expensive and broken.

    I like that theres a choice to have a free account, however the point is nullified if I (and numerous friends) can't even use it due to numerous script bugs that even a junior JS coder would find and fix.

    I would rather give my money in this case to the competition, at least they seem competent enough to deliver a product that works, if, at a price.
  • Пару лет назад было хорошее расширение, сейчас испортили капитально. Удалил.
  • Окончательно испортилось расширение, раньше было удобное и работало нормально, а теперь ещё и убрали Русский, нахрен мне такое расширение тогда вообще нужно! -1
    Перешёл на Bitwarden.
    (Finally spoiled the extension, it was convenient and worked fine, and now also removed the Russian, well, why do I need such an extension then at all?! -1 Removed the extension!
    Switched to Bitwarden.)
  • Een heel fijne app extensie die ik graag gebruik.
  • Never had any issues, great place to keep your passwords and other information. The free option is amazing too.