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  • Hardcoded whitelist filled with creepy URL's that can't be removed to have full control over scripts and DuckDuckGo refusing to work even though I've set it to be fully trusted. Why whitelist things when this extension is expected to be used by advanced users and not casuals that need Google and Facebook whitelisted? What the hell?!
  • Outil indispensable, très puissant, par moment trop efficace, je conseille de le désactiver lors d'un payement par carte au risque de se retrouver bloqué en cours de procédure, Mais hormis ce cas particulier c'est un must.
  • adblok yokken bu vardı, fakat tam kullamöayı beceremiyorum,efsanedir, küçük çocuğum varken bu kesinlikle çalışıyor yoksa hiç olmayacak siteler çıkar karşıısına
  • this is a must have tool. this should be part of any better browser that cares about privacy/security. needs a bit of attention on newly visited sites, but it is just invisible after that.
  • noscript protege de scripts fora do dominio e elementos perigosos em paginas que contém muito conteúdo externo