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  • adblok yokken bu vardı, fakat tam kullamöayı beceremiyorum,efsanedir, küçük çocuğum varken bu kesinlikle çalışıyor yoksa hiç olmayacak siteler çıkar karşıısına
  • this is a must have tool. this should be part of any better browser that cares about privacy/security. needs a bit of attention on newly visited sites, but it is just invisible after that.
  • noscript protege de scripts fora do dominio e elementos perigosos em paginas que contém muito conteúdo externo
  • Does not play well with tor latest version. Freezes the already crappy firefox tor browser for so call xss attack blocking. What good is a block if it renders your browser unusable and no way to turn it off either. Goes together with the junk tor browser as they are both junk.
  • Does the job exceedingly well!
  • Much like uMatrix, it takes a bit of effort to get the sites you use working how you want, but after that it's smooth sailing. I was using uMatrix for a while, but am now trying out NoScript and am really liking it. The UI could be a little bit easier to use but otherwise, it works as it says it does.
  • Great app