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  • Really love NoScript. Instead of having 15 malicious scripts running in the background while browsing, I can now see what they are and, of course, block them. Very much appreciated add-on.
  • Hope you all enjoy and donate some money I have access to none right know and it's everywhere very frustrating thanks
  • A great extension, but unfortunately, more and more websites depend javascript... alas
  • Agora vem com uma "lista branca" com vários sites já listado , perdeu um pouco da indepedência.

  • I noticed recently after visiting any Microsoft support page that NoScript glitched each and every time, preventing the menu from showing at all on every other web page. A
  • The one and only original extension for true security that I have installed on all my computers during the years.

    Very happy for using this extension, and for the developer who also maintain with frequently updates!
    (If it breaks sites you just need to click Temp trusted, or trusted if you want it to always work, or custom if you want to fine tune)
  • Incredibly powerful!
  • NoScript breaks some sites in Firefox 71.0b6, for example https://russian.rt.com/news
  • Good