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  • NoScript breaks some sites in Firefox 71.0b6, for example https://russian.rt.com/news
  • Good
  • Since version 11.0.4 it kills YouTube. Pageframe.js, common.js and bunch of other scripts are blocked, turning YT unusable. pls fix
  • Only from opening YouTube, NoScript shows that there are doubleclick.net, gstatic.com AND google.com. With NoScript I, of course, block and keep these crap blocked. The same goes for other sites where spyware is running in the background. This extension is a must-have!
  • Blocks scripts that you really do not want to run on a site. Also comes with other security features that other extension cant and do not provide, such as XSS protection, clickjacking malware and more. Go ahead and look it up to see how powerful it is.

    The 1 star reviews is from people who do not know how to operate this. If you want to block everything by default, just click the option button, and uncheck or check the default settings (script, object, media, frame, font, web-gl, featch, other) to your taste. You can easily customize anything. Click at the custom logo and NoScript will tell you (dark red color on the boxes) what needs to be checked on that site to run normally. The other malware and crap like Google scripts can be set to untrusted with one click. Cant be more simpler.
  • Comes with a default whitelist that includes hundreds of the websites that I am most interested in blocking. Google, facebook, etc. What the hell? I want to block everything until I personally add it to the whitelist. The default needs to be to block everything.
  • Well written add-on. I can 100% confirm that this add-on is one of the best.
  • Successfully blocks everything unnecessary. But it takes a lot time and effort to properly whitelist/block websites. It could use some good defaults. Also, sometimes "Disable restrictions for this tab" does not work. As an alternative I can disable restrictions globally but it's easy to forget to turn it back on.
  • Это дополнение способно вернуть старый интерфейс почты Мейл.ру - огромное спасибо! Наверно, не навсегда и Мейл.ру победит, но пока и так можно.
  • This has saved me in countless ways. I am a very long time user of this addon, and the UI keeps getting better and easier to use without losing functionality! Thank you for this and for keeping it up to date!
  • Non serve. È impossibile bloccare un javascript specifico.
  • cette extention bloque trés trés bien. Enfin une appli Top Bien sur si vous voyez que des sites que vous utiliser marchent plus comme avant, en haut à droite sur votre navigateur, vous cliqué sur le S de Noscipt et vous donnez l'autorisation, si pour comme moi, j'y suis allez sur le bouton s de no script c'était pour ce site d'ajouter en plus de la permission d'accès d'autoriser de faire apparaitre la page de présentation pour regarder son film. Après c'est finis et je pense que je n'aurai plus à le refaire. Voila donc la preuve que ce module ne laisse rien passer d'indésirable. Et en Français en plus. Je garde. Jim