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  • *** JAN. 24 2018 -- EDITED IN RESPONSE TO AUTHOR ***
    Wow, thank you so much for taking the time and responding for such a minor thing! Updated and verified that it now works in comment systems like Disqus. Sorry, for some reason the addon system in FF 57 Quantum didn't update this addon accordingly, had to re-download. Cheers, I really appreciate this! Thank you very much Daniel, fantastic addon and work = )

    Great replacement for FastestSearch, which frankly is taking far too long to update for FF57 *cough*... However, I notice this addon doesn't work if highlighting text in the disqus comment system, in particular. Would you mind having a look?
    Hi 881bbe, sorry for taking so long to reply! I suspect this was a problem that was fixed in version 3.13.0, in which I changed the way SSS registers with pages and their frames (requiring a new permission, unfortunately).

    Could you please check if it works now? If it doesn't, can you please create a new issue at https://github.com/CanisLupus/swift-selection-search/issues or email me at daniel.lobo+sss@gmail.com with an example? Thanks!

  • THANK YOU!!!
  • The best search-add-on I've ever used so far! Very easy to customize, just what I needed. Thanks!
  • Exactly what I needed, thanks.
  • Does not get favicons for resource:// type, e.g., resource://search-plugins/images/yahoo.ico
  • 3.11.1 - one fantastic update! Since some of sites have shitty search engines, but others don't work with Firefox 57 at all (something about post/get I guess) googling those with 'site:' is the only solution. Smart move! Thanks :)
    Next step - this extension have to replace Firefox built-in One-Click Search Engines.
  • Good replacement for a legacy plugin with some new features. A little learning curve but nothing to difficult.
  • Simple to use with easy to understand options. Love the ability to add search engine and pop-up sources.
  • Thank you very much! One of the greatest addons!
  • Like the popup, and adding new engines isn't to bad. It would be nice if you could just add them from the search field of an engine but that's not a deal breaker.
  • no problem at all. the most usefull one made with web extensions.
  • Great firefox extension! Love it!! but my ebay doesn't work some how.. the URL was listed as : https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?

    so how do we find the URL that can work?? let say if i want to add a random search engine?
    Hey there, thanks for the review! ;)

    Normally, after you use the search bar on a website, you can look at the URL and see where the site placed your query. For example, if you search for "Firefox WebExtensions" on Google, Google adds "q=Firefox+WebExtensions" somewhere in the URL (among probably a lot of other things). "q" is the parameter Google uses for user queries.

    SSS only needs a URL that says "{searchTerms}" in the part where your query usually goes. In the example above, that would mean the entire URL but with "q={searchTerms}" instead of "q=Firefox+WebExtensions". Your URL does not have a {searchTerms} part, so SSS doesn't know where to add the text you selected. :)

    You will notice that many websites use the ? symbol and then add a lot of parameters separated with the & symbol. You'll usually be looking for the parameter that represents your query and replacing that with {searchTerms}. Most of the time, the URL also contains a lot of unnecessary parameters, so, to give an example, this simple version is what I use for Google:

    eBay is actually weird! It has several different search URLs, some of which very strange, but from searching around a bit it seems this one is simple and works:

    This is a bit technical but I hope I have helped. :) If the explanation wasn't clear enough please tell me. Maybe I should improve the options page instructions with a similar explanation.

  • After testing almost 20 different extensions, I finally found THE BEST one! Stop looking and just install it, and please read the instructions on the options page, you can even get all you already installed extensions just with a few clicks (no other extension can do this, due to WebExtensions limitations, but this guy found a way). This is the most configurable and easily the best context search add-on after the last Firefox update! I was using for a few years the Context Search X and felt sad it didn't work anymore on FF57 but this one right here is the best alternative for sure, trust me, I tried several others and all of them can't do what this special little marvel can!
    Wow, thanks! :D I'm very happy to know that you found it to be the best!

    Actually, a big thank you to everyone leaving reviews, if you are reading this. :) I read every single review, even if I'm mostly replying to people that have questions or problems. You all rock!
  • Absolutely amazing addon.
  • This extension is the reason why i'm not leaving firefox after the big update. BIG LOVE author!
  • This is the perfect substitute for the Selected Search add-on, which won't be ported to Firefox 57+. Great job Daniel Lobo!
  • A big thanks for this addon !
    I customized a little bit (by the fact that is highly customizable) to my taste, therefore I've already had an English-->Hungarian and also a Hungarian-->Englis dictionary on the popup menu and context menu with an external searching engine and icon. :-)

    It is one of the most useful and great web extension till I tried to use in the "Quantum-era" (on Linux Mint Debian Edition with Xfce deskt. envir.).
    Thank you again and again. ;-)

    This great job (end the effort of the author behind that addon) deserves this 5 stars I gave.

    I shall recommend this web extension to all of my friends.
  • Hey man thanx for responding to my earlier review, I didnt know how to reply to you. I have ublock origin and had fanboy enabled it. so i disabled it and its still not showing up in SSS
    No problem! I still got the notification for this update. :)

    Did you try adding the YouTube icon again? (try deleting a letter from the "icon url" and adding it back, for example) If the list was blocking it, it needs to retry to cache it and unfortunately SSS won't do that on its own.

    If this still doesn't help, try creating another YouTube search engine with everything the same. If this still doesn't help, see if disabling uBlock Origin and doing the above again helps. If it does then you might have another list blocking the icon. :)

  • great job