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  • It's really a great add on but the only problem is that if I add a new search engine to the main search engine of browser (because that's the only way to add it, I don't know the specific search address ) this add on doesn't automatically add it to it, I have to reset all, and add again the .json file, that's really annoying :(
    I'll give you a 5th star if you can tweak it to automatically accept new search engines added to the browser. Thanks!

    Update 13/02/2018:
    Hey Daniel, thanks for your quick answer. I understand perfectly the limitations for developers now, and your solution is perfectly reasonable and logical, will use it, thanks again and added the 5th star :)

    Update 15/02/2018
    Hi Daniel,
    1. It works but it resets the order of SE, so I have to move them up/bottom all over again.
    2. When Selecting a word on the very bottom of the page, the icons group still appears at the bottom thus hiding a great part of it, instead of showing above it.
    UPDATE 2018-02-16:

    Hey Maurice, thanks for understanding! :) Regarding the two points:

    In the case of point 1, if you do not delete your imported engines and just try importing again, SSS should keep your engine's order. At least it's doing that for me. :) It should only create a new engine if it doesn't find one with the same search URL already, and it shouldn't touch your ordering. If you are able to tell me how to reproduce this problem I would be grateful.

    As for point 2, what are you using as the "Popup location" option under "Popup Behaviour"? The option to place the popup at the bottom left corner of the selection can behave strangely on some websites, because some pages' footer can cause you to select more than what is visible. If you are using "At cursor location" it should always appear above your cursor (but clamped to the top of the page). That said, this might be some SSS problem as well. :)


    [previous reply 2018-02-12]

    Hi! SSS actually did this before Firefox 57. :) Unfortunately, now it can't!

    There's currently no way for WebExtension addons to look at your search engines, that's why I had to work around that problem by requesting the file from the user. These links on bugzilla discuss this problem, but nothing was completed yet:


    Sorry, but this is something I can't do currently. :(

    By the way, re-importing the json file should not reset existing engines but simply add those that are not there yet. If it is resetting existing engines then it could be a bug. Could you tell me what is happening exactly?

    If you add new engines to Firefox frequently and have to re-import the json file, consider leaving in SSS all imported engines, but disable those you don't use instead of removing them. :)

  • It's working well.Thank you!
  • отличная вещь! добавил в меню даже переводчик
  • Very Usefull
  • Thank you for fixing this addon. Because of great addons like this I use FireFox.
  • Its working now!
    Glad to hear it! :) Sorry for the problems in previous updates. It should be sorted out now!
  • Yes, it's working again!!!! Thank you so much for resolving this issue so quickly!
    Thanks, Adam! Sorry for the road bump. :)
  • Thanks developer, for quick and adequate reaction. Swift Selection Search is excellent again.
    Thank you for understanding! :)
  • Not working on Firefox 58
    Hi Masson, I just submitted an update (version 3.13.2) that should fix the problem that everyone's encountering. It was my mistake. :s Apologies for the inconvenience!
  • FF58 fix - in options for "Pop-up behaviour" change mouse behaviour to - "open in new/background tab (next to current tab)", same for "Context menu behaviour" - "open new/background tab (next to current tab)".
    Hi iscar, I greatly appreciate you trying to help everyone by suggesting a fix. :) Thank you very much! I just submitted an update (version 3.13.2) that should fix the problem. It was my mistake. :s Apologies for the inconvenience!
  • Not working on Firefox 58
    Hi JunjieFu, I just submitted an update (version 3.13.2) that should fix the problem that everyone's encountering. It was my mistake. :s Apologies for the inconvenience!
  • I wondered if something like this existed! Is there a way to open the link in a ''new'' tab?
    LOL I went through the options and figured it out..I have always wanted, to be able to do this in FF. Thanks so much for creating this wonderful add-on....
  • Best save time extension ever.
  • Great. The only thing missing folders and separators.
  • Simplemente perfecto !
  • Exactly what I was looking for!
    Hoping that soon...
    ...it syncs with firefox search engines settings soon (without manual), .
    Feature request ---> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1352598
    ...keyword keyboard shortcut will be enabled (there are workarounds to webextension API shortcoming here)
  • Great replacement for DictionarySearch! - Thank you!!

    I only have one suggestion:

    It is unfortunately not possible to open the links directly from the context menu.

    I have first to navigate to SwiftSelectionSearch
    and then to the links below.

    It would be great to have this option directly in the context menu (like DictionarySearch).


  • Best search add-on for Firefox. Easy to use and add new search engines. I was searching for something like 'Selection Search' for Chrome and finally found it. A Must have.
  • "Минус" только за то что меню настроек не на русском языке , в остальном же замечательное расширение ...