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  • Breaks the page with gaps - extension didn't work. Uninstalling.
  • 网页截图标准工具
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  • It didn't captured anything, in the new window only shown a broken image icon. The picture redirects to "data:," and shown nothing, it saved a 0 byte file.

    Update 1, reply to developer: yes, I'm using Firefox Develoepr Edition 71.0b4 x64
    Thanks. Are you using the latest version of Firefox?

    Update 1: Thanks. I tried this and had the same problem in 71b4. This is a Beta version, we cannot expect from it a 100% reliability. Hopefully they fix it prior to the public release.
  • Fireshot is a gift to the human race. It works brilliantly without any errors at all. Thank you.
  • Simple to use, works well with no learning curve. Install it and with a modicum of intelligence you have a very adequate screen capture utility. First one I tried, and felt no need to try another.
  • Had to try another extension for full page screenshots, native firefox and another extension didn't work.

    This one did. (Amazon Help Chat popup window with scrollbar)
  • Fireshot was an extension I used for a very long time, years and years ... maybe 10 years, and even more! I used it on Firefox, Chrome and Opera, Windows 7 and Windows 10 ... And for a long time, it worked very well. It was the first extension I installed each time ... But recently, it starts to save the images no longer in PNG format but as MS-Dos file!

    I reported this flaw on the Fireshot forum but the technical support of Fireshot does not believe me (whereas another person had also underlined it for the captures in PDF !!) and thinks that my PC is infected whereas I do regular tests by various anti-malware including the famous Malwarebytes and other no less serious and my PC is totally healthy!
    For the record, there's a support thread, where we're asking for the samples of these files: https://getfireshot.com/sup/art2176.htm

    We're looking for a way to find the cause of this problem. Please feel free contacting us, if you have the same problem with FireShot.