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  • При обновлении слетают все фильтры и падает браузер. Год назад писал разработчикам Адблок о данной проблеме, ничего до сих пор не пофиксили.
    Винд 7. Мозилла 64 (32 бит).
  • This addon used to be the online equivalent of body armor for consumers, but now, like the rest of the internet, it shows favoritism/corruption/bias towards zealots for Old Man Marxism and Hegel's Krusty Kegels. I reported wowhead circumventing ABP [where some tankie, clearly-biased venezuelan mod callously censored me for opposing child murder and calling another user out on attempting to normalize it via in-game propaganda - permanently when I voiced intent to boycott their site with ABP]. ABP yet to do anything about the ad that is circumventing ABP, leaving these corrupt jackals to continue sitting there smugly and arrogantly raking in ill-gotten gains that they obtain by stepping on others and abetting child abuse via censorship and propaganda.

    In other words, ABP has gone from consumer/capitalist body armor to socialist/corporatist body armor - corruptly helping give profit/handouts to child murder apologists and censors. They're now part of the problem they defrauded everyone into thinking they're here to stop. Just further proving the state and its fans are nothing more than cliche evil pedovores, metaphorically and in some cases literally [look up "Peter Thiel young blood"].
  • This thing is shit because that advertisers can bribe the creators of this add-on to ignore their advertisements. I have noticed an increased spawn rate of redirect ads (which are incredibly insecure not to mention annoying) and I decided to uninstall this piece of shit for uBlock Origin.

    Not to mention the fact that recently I have run into large amounts of system-breaking errors when running AdBlock on my laptop. Something something memory leaks something something.

    Wish me luck in testing out the next ad control software. Avoid this shitpile.
  • Super