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  • for some time some webite managed to pentrate the adblock option and bypass the blocking, there are errors and bugs in this version, some web sites are not supported by the adblocker any more it is a shame that the programmer who build this destory the original code to promote his busniesses by letting ads to by pass this protection, i have the source code of this adblocking i saw the changes.
  • The selection of wrong content in the screenshot of the bug reporter tool does not work correctly
  • I have always loved this blocker. It does it right and does it well. Superb programming.
  • OUI ce bloqueur est efficace et très utile, Merci
  • https://qrc.pcllvc.cn/m/?fbclid=IwAR0HXCUixXyBoShrcVuAzBpecRQlps9j-SIBKCoh5r2bmajtBf_1yU1MRX8