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  • Very good.Thank you.
  • echt gute Arbeit
  • Very nice. I use it :)
  • Picky me loves this!
  • Sehr schön.
  • Really cool !
  • Great Work!
  • Attractive, inviting, restful. Not intrusive, loud or distracting. Lovely colors.
  • It's just awesome. If there was also a version a bit wider (not higher), focused on big screens (I'm using 2560x1440 resolution) that would be great.
  • Lightweight, clean Persona. It just fits! Excellent work.
  • Very nice. The orange background with the fox looks really good, and i like that you've kept the left side behind the menu relatively plain colored. I find many personas rather annoying as they have too many colors behind the menu, making it close to impossible to see the buttons etc. The transition from orange to blue is great.
  • Прикольный стиль.
    Светлые оттенки - самая тема.
    Автор молодец. Красиво оформил =)