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  • Genial. Colorista. De líneas y colores suaves, agradables.
  • Beautiful , Clean , Perfect !
  • Sober & Elegant.
  • I normally like dark themes. I think I am starting to like light themes too after using yours. Really has the relaxing but focused feel to it.
  • Very nice
  • I like it!
  • Good one :)
  • Really bright and pretty! :D
  • Beautiful theme but fonts on tabs are not well displayed
  • Este é um ótimo tema. Parabéns.
    Its great theme. Congrats.
  • Great theme, with a very clean and minimalistic design that blends wonderfully into the browser.
  • muito bom
  • very nice theme
  • Very nice looking theme.
  • Great job!
    Can you please offer a 1440p version?
    There is always an ugly black stripe on the left side ;)
  • Good job
  • its awesome
  • Nice one. Good job
  • Really pleasant and non-obtrusive.
  • Great. Love it most
  • Great design, elegant and simple in 1 piece. Fits FXChrome as well.
  • Nice design and well made too. But it is a vertically repeating pattern, creating strange, horiziontal lines on sidebar addons like All In One Sidebar.
  • Very simple and elegant.