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  • This Add-on is a testament to efficiency.

    - Many easy to use customization options.
    - Several theme presets that showcase visual possibilities.
    - Built in CSS editor to fine-tune customization.
    - Tabbed interface to group pages in a sleek manor.
    - Create tabs based on your bookmark folders.
    - Save pages to tabs via context-menu.
    - Export to / Import from file.
    - Optional syncing. (defaults to OFF)
    - Fast.

    I have found this to be the only "speed dial" worthy of Firefox Quantum.
    Seriously, set this as your homepage and Firefox lives in a golden age.

    Thank you Mimiste
    Thank a lot for your rating, glad it's helping you in your everyday use :)
  • Like other reviewers have said, I found this to be quick and easy to set up, with lots of options for visual style and unobtrusive. Before this I'd tried other more popular speed dials but found them slow, over cluttered, awkward to customise or just plain suspicious (data mining I suspect), so finding this was a definately 'at last something that actually does the job with minimal fuss' moment. Export and Import also very welcome! Thanks!
    Thanks, dont hesitate to tell me if you need some more features !
  • Excellent - clean and intuitive, unlike the last two "most popular" speed dials I tried, with their annoying clutter. I love that I can export and import yay bookmarks, since setting them up can take some time (esp. searching for images when that's needed).

    One addition I'd like to see would be text dial titles visible without hovering.

    ***UPDATE: practically real-time response from the developer: 6 stars!!!!***

    I think if you want to revisit the name, then Yay! A better speed dial! would be appropriate ;-)
    Thanks a lot :) Sorry if that's not really straightforward but you can show dial names in "theme editor" then "other" settings
  • Like it says another speed dial but I am liking this one because you can make tabs for groups of sites so I can have a work group and social group. There are a lot of other options under the hood, like where links open, adding search, the number and size of sites, you can add your own css, just to point out a few. It does need some polish but I like where it is going, my biggest issue right now is how long the title is in the address bar (would like to edit it or maybe use YASD for short).
    Thanks ! I will try to address this issue as soon as possible
  • Recommend!
    - Lightweight
    - A lot of options
    - Easy to configure
    - Very agile
    - Out the box dark theme
    - multi-tabs
    - do everything what doing PAID addons
    - syncronyzation!

    Great addon! Give a chance to this guy.
    Do not mind if it have not too much users.
    Thank you very much for your rating !
  • Best Speed Dial addon IMO.
    Thanks ! I'll do my best to make it even better :)
  • Great extension! Similar to Vivaldi's speed dial. Beautiful and highly customizable.
    Thanks ! I hope you enjoy it