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  • Very good Speed Dial extension. Works well (unlike others I've tried) and does everything I need. Also the author quickly fixed a small bug I reported. [edited 17/11]
    Hello, thank you for your feedback! You are right it shouldn't send the screenshot. It should send it only if you created an account and opted for the screenshot sync. I'll fix this quickly. The good news is that screenshot are not stored if you haven't created an account because you don't have an user ID.
  • 本擴展網站https://www.yayspeeddial.com/已經無法訪問,似乎作者放棄了Yay! Another Speed dial!,我感到惋惜和心痛。
    Thank a lot for your feedback :)
  • i have problem in nightly i have the warn "acces denied" when open a new tab
  • very good speed dial ext.
    but I have problem about importing fvd's dials.the FVD can export it's dials as a file,it contains dials data as json format.I paste the json data into the dialog but nothing happend
    Thank a lot! :) For your problem, please don't hesitate to contact me directly, I really would like to know why it's not working for you
  • I think this is the best Speed Dial add-on available on AMO.
    Thank a lot that's so cool :)
  • The best speed dial extension. Just one suggestion for UI. When enable show bookmark name, the icon should re-align center with shape without including bookmark name area.
    Thanks for your feedback and suggestion!
  • that is what i need!
    Thank you :)
  • I use Firefox for more than 10 years, and for me this is the best Speed Dial addon available on the firefox addon store right now. Sorry for bad English :)
    Thank a lot for your feedback! :D
  • Just what I was looking. The customization options and portability of import/export settings makes this the best new tab page and speed dial I have found. Thanks for making this!
    Thanks! :) Happy to ear that!
  • Best customizable speed dial so far!!!
    Thank a lot, glad you like it :)
  • As beautiful and stylish as an Apple OS.
    What a compliment, thanks! :)
  • Fantastic customization, & design! clean & uncluttered too! (:
    Thank you, that's great to ear that :D
  • I've been looking for a nice home page add-on for a while now, and I have to say that this one is exactly what I wanted. Simple, clean, customizable, and modern. Haven't encountered any bugs and I've been enjoying it a lot. Great work!
    Thank a lot :) happy that you enjoy it
  • Fast, light and airy. Thanks
    Thank you for your comment and rating :)
  • prós:
    -tem um sistema de busca
    -não salva nos favoritos do firefox
    -fica pesado por causa das imagens
    -ocupa também sua homepage e não permite removê-lo dela
    -não permite apenas salvar os links sem imagem
    Sorry that it doesn't fit your needs, please contact me directly to see what can be improved
  • I tried out quite a few speed dial extensions to replace the one that comes by default. I didn't feel the others were properly set up in regards to simplicity and the right customization. This one tackles the things a user is looking for. You can add your own thumbnails, create folders, upload folder thumbnails, add your own background, add different tabs, and most importantly, you have an easy way to add or edit a bookmark. That last simple task is not always as straight forward in other speed dials I tried out. This extension gives you a lot of control.

    The reason I am giving this 3 stars is because there are very obvious bugs which were not yet handled. For example, if you have more than two rows of bookmarks, you cannot always scroll down to see them. If you open the settings or theme editor, the bookmarks shift down. And there are plenty others I am catching like spacebar not working after a right click. This plugin has great promise and has a great way of organizing its usability, but to give a fair review, the bugs do need to be taken more seriously.
    thank you for your feedback, be assured I'll try to address this as soon as possible :)
  • cannot get screenshot,btw,I want to make screenshot dimmer as the tile's background,and a round icon inside the tile
  • Great job! Please add option to remove the top navigation bar.
    Thank you! :) That's on the TODO list, I think something like the top bar auto hide and appear on mouse hover would be cool
  • It is a five star of course !!
    I have tried other "speed dials" and most of them does not work fine with privacy ... you have to check "remember history" FF option on other add-ons to get things done ...
    Yay! Speed Dial is light-years far better than others ...
    Congratulation !
    As other user already commented, an option to change the color of Bookmark Text will be welcome !
    Thank a lot for your rating and comment :) customization settings for bookmarks text will be added in the next version
  • Very good, but slow when open. Can you add option to remove top black bar (navigation bar)?

    P.S. I tested the addon on Chrome and it is loading faster. Why? Can you optimize it for Firefox too, please.
    P.S.2 I understood why addon slow down - because of too many bookmarks
    Thank you :) Yes I'll probably add some customizations settings for the top bar and something like an "auto hide" feature