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  • Со вчерашнего дня на моём firefoxe , на компе почему то не работает =(
    сделайте что нибудь.
    Приложение просто супер
    Напишите более подробно о вашей проблеме: pag77@mail.ru
  • Best radio to be found!
  • Good quality, But some radio are not work probably. Also, Some FM that i want to hear aren't on the list.
    ex) ONE FM91.3 , 987FM etc.
    But still great. Hope this will be fixed.
  • Simply great!
  • One and only best radio extension
  • This radio is by far the best you can find, there is no other radio thats even half as good. i save stations to favorites and search for more great channels to listen to
  • Japanese radio boi!
  • 相当优秀的全球在线收音机!要有自动检测电台的可用性,以及录音功能就完美了。感谢作者的无私奉献!谢谢!
  • Oleksandr yes i send to that address maybe its in spam filter?
    please send message in the forum:
    forums mozillaZine:

    forums mozillaRussia:
  • Oleksandr we email you to your email about error in installing also added 3 screenshots to mail.
    Sorry, but I did not receive a letter from you...
    Did you correctly enter the address: pag77@mail.ru ?