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  • Can you put Egypt radio (Africa) please. Channel name is Quran kareem official channel of Egypt.
  • Very good extension, the only missing is the posibility to use it without to change the autoplay to true, what site is necessary to add a exception to use autoplay with default off
  • Excellent! Highly recommended!!
  • Superb radio!

    There are MANY different station all over the world to choose from. Its working absolutely great, no lag or any issues whatsoever.

    Can add stations all over the world to favorites. I also like the overall layout on this extension and i can absolutely understand why this is won the the extensions challange contest from Mozilla.

    Thank you!
  • Most excellent... I was writing one for myself when i found this, TYSM .. this is perfect. The perms are fine :P
  • Dear developer, thanks for the plugin. One thing i wish you would change is the animated images that are shown when it is playing. I would much prefer if the radio icon just change to another color when playing or just change to a still equalizer image when playing instead of the animations. The animation is very annoying. That's the one thing i do not like about it. Otherwise it's a nice product. I would donate but i do not have "online" money right now.



    Like the update man, now i can finally enjoy listening to some stations without any annoyance.
    Just giving some feedback.. I would have commented sooner but i had auto update disabled.

    One last thing you might consider doing in a future update is also to allow removal of the animation on the pause button seen when a station is playing. I think this would make it perfect and would cater to those who like things being simplified. But even so it's not a necessity as I definitely like the change that had been made thus far and this i do believe quite evidently is the best radio playing add-on for Firefox. Thanks a lot.

    Rating changed to 5 star.

    - Roshane
  • 5 starts for now, I love this.