564 notes
  • Great job!
  • Full of Adds.

    Such an Addon should be free of adds, because the radio stations itself have already enough adds.
    It's really a shame, because the addon as such is not that bad, but the f*cking adds destroys it all.

    Not recommended!
  • At the beginning it works marvelous. After 10 to 20 minutes after start-up small nasty interrupts and a noise destroys the overall good performance. This effect is repeatable with all radio stations. Internet speed with 10Mb/s, all firefox updates and win 10 pro installed. HD-TV is possible without interrupts. It sounds like the former analogue FM radios in a car when driving around. Obviously there is no buffering and error correction included in the software. Sorry for this bad rating for a big work but I cannot listen for more than a few minutes. Status as of 1/2020.
  • animated icons are too small
    color of animated icons is not good enough to see them(blue small icons in a blue background) clicking on them is difficult
    using setting to change theme leads to worst themes
    problems are mostly about size and color or shape of animated icons(changing size and color solves the problem)
    not user friendly animated icons or UI
  • Does not support my favorite radio. Useless, at least for me.
  • thanks