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  • please add search bar searching through uk stations is hard i (eventually) found kiss fm and capital which are the ones i want
  • Приложение хорошее, но неделю назад перестало работать
    При нажатии воспроизведения ничего не происходит, в конфиге браузера все включено, http://www.radiorecord.ru/player-mini/?st=rr, при этом в других плеерах работает
    Настройки сделаны в соответствии с рекомендациями, эффекта нет... FX Quantum 60.80.0esr 64bit
    почитайте тут:
  • Can you put Egypt radio (Africa) please. Channel name is Quran kareem official channel of Egypt.
  • Very good extension, the only missing is the posibility to use it without to change the autoplay to true, what site is necessary to add a exception to use autoplay with default off
  • Excellent! Highly recommended!!
  • Superb radio!

    There are MANY different station all over the world to choose from. Its working absolutely great, no lag or any issues whatsoever.

    Can add stations all over the world to favorites. I also like the overall layout on this extension and i can absolutely understand why this is won the the extensions challange contest from Mozilla.

    Thank you!
  • Most excellent... I was writing one for myself when i found this, TYSM .. this is perfect. The perms are fine :P